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Newman Medical specializes in affordable, technologically advanced Vascular Systems and Dopplers for hospitals, clinics, and offices of all sizes.

One of Newman Medical's most popular products is the simpleABI Automated System. The simpleABI System can perform a variety of ABI and TBI tests, including ABI Stress Testing, Multi-Level Segment Testing, and ABI pre and post Exercise Stress Testing. Newman provides one free installation with the purchase of a simpleABI System, taking away the stress of assembling a new system. This PC-based system is ideal for any practice, but high volume practices in particular benefit from the easy staff training and high portability of this system. With the purchase of the simpleABI System Roll Stand, the simpleABI can be easily rolled from room to room. The system also generates full customizable reports which can be attached electronically to EMR records or printed on 8.5 by 11 inch standard paper. The simpleABI conveniently connects to any standard office printer meaning no special printer is required for paper reports.

Newman also makes the DigiDop 301 Digital Doppler. This small device is a perfect mobile Doppler: affordable, practical, and durable. The DigiDop allows fetal or vascular sounds to be amplified while also suppressing background noise common with other Dopplers. It includes a tough and durable polycarbonate and stainless steel case and an 'unbreakable' magnetic probe holder. With a five year warranty, this Doppler is not only affordable in price, but also practical in its longevity.

In addition, Newman provides the necessary accessory items that ensure continuous productivity and portability. These include carrying bags, roll stands, additional probes, chargers, and cuffs of various sizes. Users can also pick up the simpleABI Software memory stick in case of a system reset.

MFI offers several other Newman Dopplers, vascular probes, and accessories at affordable price points. Explore the Newman Medical section of the MFI website to find a Doppler or vascular system that perfectly suits your needs.

Newman Medical Manual Cuff Inflator
Save 6%

Newman Medical Manual Cuff Inflator

Newman Medical

Retail Price: $109.95

The Newman Medical Manual Cuff Inflator (#PUMP-100) is designed for use with the DigiDop Digital Dopplers and simpleABI Systems.

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