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Headquartered in Skillman, New Jersey, LifeSign is a medical diagnostic company dedicated to delivering high quality rapid point of care testing solutions to caregivers in critical care, physicians' offices, schools, ships, ambulances, the workplace, criminal justice, and the home. Committed to improving the quality of life of the global community, LifeSign has made it its mission to provide the highest quality testing solutions to care providers possible.

LifeSign's comprehensive line of innovative and helpful products are used worldwide for the detection of medical conditions and illnesses including: cardiac markers, urology, women's health, infectious disease, G.I. health, hygiene, industrial, drugs of abuse, and alcohol and nicotine.

Thanks to a team of expert sales, technical, and customer service professionals, LifeSign's products are developed and manufactured to ISO, FDA, cGMP, and CE mark guidelines.

Cardiac Marker Products

Cardiac marker products like the LifeSign MI CK-MB/Myo/TnI Test Kit can improve patient care by helping ensure quick emergency room and triage decisions can be made. A three in one point-of-care cardiac test for the simultaneous qualitative detection of Myoglobin, CK-MB, and Troponin I in blood, plasma, and serum, these top-of-the-line kits present results in as little as 15 minutes to reduce unnecessary testing and admissions.

Urology Products

Urology products like the LifeSign Uricult CLED/Polymyxin/MacConkey make it easy to detect the types of bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. Capable of providing accurate results within 24 hours and CLIA compliant for reporting colony counts, this is an in-office test kit that can be counted on to detect urinary pathogens.

Women's Health Products

Women's health products like the LifeSign Status hCG Urine/Serum Combo Cassette are CLIA waived for urine. This rapid immunoassay is designed for the qualitative detection of human chronic gonadotropin in serum and urine, is easy to follow, and minimally susceptible to the Hook effect by hCG β core fragment.

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