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Fetal monitors are ultrasound units that can monitor and print readouts of heart rates and vitals for fetuses. These monitors are used for overseeing health and development during prenatal checkups, and can also be used during labor and delivery as well. Take a look at the types of monitors available and see what would be most ideal for your practice.

Types of Monitors

Maternal and Fetal Monitors

One difficult aspect of monitoring is distinguishing the heart rates of the mother and the fetus. Many fetal monitors MFI offers have the ability to make this distinction, making maternity appointments more organized and clear for both caregiver and patient.

Twins Monitors

Similar to the maternal/fetal heart rate overlap problem, monitoring for twins can be tricky given the dual heart rates competing under the ultrasound. Fetal monitors designed for twins are capable of distinguishing between the two heart rates, making assessments and diagnoses easier.

Monitor Accessories

A fetal monitor requires much more than a screen and read-outs. In order to successfully distinguish a heart rate, caregivers must have the correct tools in place that are compatible with their fetal monitor.

Ultrasound transducers and probes are the vital tools needed for the fetal monitors to detect the heart rate signals. These are strapped onto the surface of the skin, or used as handheld tools to detect the signals. Event Markers are used during appointments to timestamp certain events or changes in diagnostics, keeping them for further review.

Transportation Accessories

In addition to diagnostic tools, making the fetal monitor portable in a busy clinic is also important. For example, the Bistos, Edan, and CooperSurgical Fetal Monitors are available with trolley systems, which can hold the monitor, readouts, shelving for accessories, and caster wheels for mobility. For those who want handheld mobility, Edan also has a convenient carry bag for the F2, F6 Dual, and F6 Express fetal monitors.

Sales and Promotions

MFI works closely with brand names you trust to get the equipment you need for your practice. Looking for a deal on fetal monitors and accessories? Check out MFI’s Specials page to see the latest deals and promotions available from top brands.

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