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Baxter Liner
Baxter Baxter Liner (20/Case)
The Baxter Liner (#BL-20 / 20 per Case) is used in conjunction with a Baxter Canister (#BC-02). The disposable liner is made of soft-shell plast... Read more
Baxter INFUSO.R. Syringe Pump
Baxter Baxter INFUSO.R. Syringe Pump - Certified Refurbished
The Baxter INFUSO.R. Syringe Pump (#2C3100) includes a Propofol Smart Label, pole mount, and four C batteries. It is fully refurbished in a like... Read more
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Baxter Canister
Baxter Baxter Canister (2/Case)
The Baxter Canister (#BC-02 / 2 per Case) is used in conjunction with a Baxter Liner (#BL-20). It is made from a durable hard-shell plastic. The... Read more
Baxter EasySpray Pressure Regulator
Baxter Baxter EasySpray Pressure Regulator - Certified Refurbished
The Baxter EasySpray Pressure Regulator (#0600012) is a control unit that utilizes pressurized gas provided by a propellant gas source for unifo... Read more

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