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3M is a leader in the healthcare industry. This multinational company encompasses many products and brands, including ACE, NexCare, Bair Hugger, FUTURO, Scotch, and more. At MFI, we carry many 3M healthcare products, both Certified Pre-Owned and Factory New, at competitive prices. Below are a few of 3M's most popular products here at MFI Medical.

Patient Warming

Because anaesthetized patients cannot regulate their body temperature, they are at increased risk for unintended hypothermia. Unintended hypothermia is common, costly, and associated with higher mortality rates, longer hospital stays, and an increased rate of wound infection. To combat this, 3M developed their Bair Hugger Patient Warming line of products.

At MFI, we carry the Bair Hugger Model 775 Warming Unit. The 775 combines performance, precision, and ease of use into a single compact unit. This unit has two airflow settings and hose-end temperature sensing for precise temperature delivery. It also features three temperature sensors and adjustable airflow to provide safe, quick temperature response and greater heat transfer.

For a more compact option, look to the 3M Bair Paws Model 875 Warming Unit. This lightweight warming unit provides clinicians access to comfort and clinical forced-air warming throughout the perioperative process. It offers patient-adjustable warming, allowing patients to adjust the temperature of the air flowing through the gown to a level that feels comfortable for them. The 875 can be easily mounted to a wall, bedrail, IV pole, or flat surface for ease of access.

Internal Medicine

3M excels in the field of Internal Medicine. 3M produces tools for examinations like stethoscopes, masks, lotions, and hand hygiene solutions.

One of 3M's biggest brands is Littmann Stethoscope. Littmann is a trusted name in stethoscopes, and the first choice for medical professionals. One of the 3M's most popular stethoscopes is the 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope. The Classic III is a durable, dependable clinical tool used by students and medical professionals alike to identify, listen to, and study heart, lung, and other body sounds for physical assessment, patient monitoring, and diagnosis. This stethoscope offers high acoustic sensitivity for exceptional performance when doing general physical assessments. It features dual tunable diaphragms and an updated design that is easy to clean and maintain.

Hand hygiene is incredibly important within the field of Internal Medicine. Healthcare-acquired infections are a growing concern, and hands are the most common source of pathogen transmission. 3M's Avagard line of hand hygiene products is effective in fighting infection while remaining gentle enough to promote repeated and frequent use. At MFI, we carry many Avagard products, including the 3M Avagard Universal Hands-Free Wall Dispenser. Its touchless, motion-activated design eliminates the risk of germ transfer from traditional pump dispensers. The Universal Wall Dispenser can be used with 1,000 mL wedge-style bottles. One excellent option for the Hands Free Dispenser is the 3M Avagard D Instant Hand Antiseptic. Avagard D provides fast and effective bacterial kill without being hard on skin.

Home Care

Finally, in addition to Internal Medicine and Patient Warming, 3M also makes products for home users. 3M provides quality compression garments through their FUTURO brand. MFI carries FUTURO supports for the wrist, ankle, knee, elbow, back, and abdomen. The 3M FUTURO Comfort Lift Ankle Support is designed to provide light compression, support, and therapeutic heat retention to help relieve symptoms associated with minor sprains, strains, and arthritis. It can be worn comfortably all day. The sleek sleeve design of this ankle support follows the natural shape of the ankle for optimal fit and joint protection. Another FUTURO standout, the 3M FUTURO Stabilizing Back Support, provides firm support to a stiff, strained, or aching back. It is often used when support is needed for exercise and daily activities or to help promote back alignment. This back support is user-customizable, featuring adjustable straps that provide a personalized fit and a moderate-stabilizing design that offers customizable levels of support and compression.

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