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Surgical smoke evacuators are an integral part of ensuring the health and safety of the operating room environment. They effectively filter and remove the smoke produced during various surgical procedures. And a smoke evacuator should be aptly selected depending on the need of the facility. 

This blog post compares several top surgical smoke evacuators available at MFI Medical from renowned brands such as Bovie Medical, Buffalo Filter, ConMed, CooperSurgical, Surgimedics, and ValleyLab to help you make a decision on which surgical smoke evacuator is right for your practice.

1. Bovie Smoke Shark II Smoke Evacuator

Bovie Smoke Shark II Smoke Evacuator - MFI Medical

The Smoke Shark II is a specialized device that reduces the risk of exposure to harmful smoke and aerosols produced during surgical procedures involving electrosurgery, lasers, and harmonic scalpels. These smoke plumes can contain viruses, carbon monoxide (CO), and other dangerous substances. Equipped with a powerful and quiet vacuum motor, the Smoke Shark II efficiently removes the surgical smoke from the operation site, passing it through a set of filters in the SF35 Filter. The system utilizes a single disposable filter, making installation and replacement easier. The enclosed design of the filter ensures the safety of healthcare personnel during changes.

2. Bovie Smoke Shark III Smoke Evacuator

Bovie Smoke Shark III Smoke Evacuator - MFI Medical

The Bovie Smoke Shark III Smoke Evacuator is designed for shorter procedures lasting up to 15 minutes. It has a 6-hour filter that effectively removes 99.999% of 0.1 - 0.2 micron particles and microorganisms. Its compact and quiet design allows for wall-mounted installation in offices. With the SharkSkin evacuation pencil adapter, it can be used with most pencils, reducing the biological and chemical risks associated with the smoke from electrosurgery procedures.

This device offers a streamlined design and user-friendly features, providing effective surgical smoke removal with optimal safety and quality.

3. Buffalo Filter ViroVac Surgical Smoke Evacuator

Buffalo Filter ViroVac Surgical Smoke Evacuator - MFI Medical

The ViroVac Smoke Evacuation System efficiently removes and filters surgical smoke and aerosols generated by various medical devices. It offers a compact design with easy operation and quiet performance. With its unique 3-port filter, users have a range of options for accessories and tubing to meet their specific clinical requirements. With four layers of filtration and a filter life of up to 35 hours, the ViroVac ensures effective management of surgical smoke plumes while providing excellent value. It is suitable for physician offices and outpatient surgery centers.

This high-quality evacuator has an interactive LCD screen and quiet operation, ideal for a variety of procedures.

4. Buffalo Filter VisiClear Surgical Smoke Evacuator

Buffalo Filter VisiClear Surgical Smoke Evacuator - MFI Medical

The Buffalo Filter VisiClear Surgical Smoke Evacuator is a comprehensive tool for efficient smoke removal during surgeries. It incorporates advanced features like Safeport Technology, occlusion warning, filter life tracking, and programmable modes for different procedures. With its effective filtration, odor elimination, and "EZLink" activation, it ensures the safety and prolongs filter life. The ViroSafe Fluid Trap maintains filtration integrity and helps extend the filter lifespan.

5. ConMed ClearView Surgical Smoke Evacuation Unit

ConMed ClearView Surgical Smoke Evacuation Unit - MFI Medical

The Operating Room benefits from reduced noise pollution with this system. Its compact design allows for convenient placement on various surfaces. The system activates only when electrocautery is used, integrating seamlessly with other ESUs. It offers three flow settings and a versatile three-port filter design. With a long filter life of up to 35 hours, it automatically tracks and records filter usage. The advanced filtration system consists of four stages to provide protection against particulates and microorganisms.

6. CooperSurgical Leep Precision Smoke Evacuator

CooperSurgical Leep Precision Smoke Evacuator - MFI Medical

The CooperSurgical LEEP PRECISION Smoke Evacuator effectively eliminates odors associated with the CooperSurgical LEEP PRECISION electrosurgery system. With an impressive 99.999% efficiency in odor clearance, it also provides reliable power at 3.15 amps. The unit captures smoke plumes efficiently at 35 CFM min, thanks to its triple-stage filter for capturing particulates, odors, and vapors. The filters are easy to replace, requiring minimal maintenance. Designed for clinics and practices, it offers convenient mobility with wheels and cable management when used with the cart.

7. Surgimedics Surgifresh Turbo Smoke Evacuator System

Surgimedics Surgifresh Turbo Smoke Evacuator System - MFI Medical

The Surgimedics Surgifresh Turbo Smoke Evacuator System is an efficient and cost-effective solution for removing hazardous surgical or laser smoke. It features a foot pedal and a wheel and handle kit for easy maneuverability. The unit utilizes a powerful filtration system with a replaceable prefilter and a ULPA filter, ensuring optimal smoke capture and reducing procedure costs.

8. ValleyLab RapidVac Smoke Evacuator System

ValleyLab RapidVac Smoke Evacuator System - MFI Medical

The RapidVac System has partnered with the ValleyLab ForceTriad Energy Platform, specifically the Force FX and Force EZ Generators. This collaboration enhances the RapidVac System's power, increasing maximum airflow by 30% compared to the previous model. The system incorporates a four-stage ULPA Filter with RFID-Equipped technology, ensuring exceptional 99.9995% filtration efficiency at 0.12 microns. It is user-friendly, with clear graphics, easy setup, and monitoring of airflow and filter life. Filter replacement is hassle-free, and the system is cost-effective with a long filter life, 25-hour activation time, and three ports for common filter sizes. It operates quietly and meets or exceeds expectations in operating rooms, as per surveys.


Choosing the right smoke evacuator depends on your specific needs, the type of surgeries your facility conducts, and the budget. You can find all these models and more in our Surgical Smoke Evacuators collection at MFI Medical.

At MFI Medical, we strive to provide the highest quality medical equipment. If you need further assistance or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.