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The Zoll Replacement CPR-D Demo Pads (#8900-0809-01) are electrode pads with tabbed, pull-away gel covers without the CPR puck assembly. These pads are made to replace worn, frayed, or lost CPR-D Demo Pads (#8900-5007).

Warranty: Until Use/Expiration.

*Note: Use of the CPR-D Demo Pad requires a clinical AED Plus (not a Trainer) and the AED Plus Stimulator (#8000-0819-01) which must be ordered separately.

Zoll Replacement CPR-D Demo Pads Specifications:

  • Application: Training.
  • Gel Type: None, Velcro.
  • Age and Weight: None.
  • Pacing Time (hours): N/A.
  • Conductor Type: None.
  • Pre-Connect: No.
  • Lead Wire Length: 48".
  • Shelf Life: 60 Months.
  • Size: Adult.
  • Connection Type: Green AED Connector.
  • Number per Case: 1 Pair (two "Demo Pad" assemblies, each with a pair of tabbed, pull-away gel covers).
  • Non-Sterile.
  • Compatibility: AED Plus, AED Po, R Series, M Series, Propaq MD, X Series.

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