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The Zoll Pedi-padz II Multifunction Pediatric Defibrillator Electrode Pads (#8900-0810-01 / 1 Pair) feature informative text when used and create voice prompts to ensure the Pedi-padz are connected properly. The pads' algorithms are designed to analyze and respond to a child's heart rhythms and to automatically adjust energy levels for accuracy.

Warranty: 90 Days - Free from Defects in Material and Workmanship.

These are the most technologically advanced pediatric multifunction electrodes, designed to meet all pediatric ACLS criteria. They feature specially formulated low viscosity gel that provides the best skin coupling, lowers resistance quickly, and virtually eliminates dermal damage. Both Pedi-padz Multi-Function Electrodes and Pedi-padz Pacing Only Electrodes offer anatomically-correct diagrams on the packaging to facilitate proper pad placement.

The Pedi-padz II are designed for use with the AED 3, AED Plus, and AED Pro defibrillators. Pedi-padz II will adapt to these models without the use of any special connectors, adapters, or modified cables. They are also compatible with the M, E, R, and X Series defibrillators.


Zoll Pedi-padz II Multifunction Pediatric Defibrillator Electrode Pads Specifications

  • Indications for Use:
    • Patient Age: 0 - 8 Years (Infant/Child).
    • Patient Weight: Less than 55 pounds (25 kg).
  • Pediatric Capability:
    • Devices: AED 3, AED Plus, and AED Pro.
    • Device Energy Levels: 50, 70, 85 Joules.
    • Patient Analysis: Analyzes using pediatric-specific algorithm.
  • Electrode Specifications:
    • Shelf Life: 24 months.
    • Backing Material: Closed Cell Polyethylene.
    • Conductive Gel: Hydrogel.
    • Conducive Element: Tin.
    • Connection Method: Pre-attached.
    • Packaging: Paper/Polyfoil laminate.
    • Impedance Class: Low.
    • Lead Wires Length: 34" (86.4 cm).
  • Front Electrode:
    • Shape: Round.
    • Total Diameter: 3.7" (9.4 cm).
    • Total Area: 10.75 in2 (69.4 cm2).
    • Conductive Gel Diameter: 2.85" (7.24 cm).
    • Conductive Gel Area: 6.37 in2 (41.1 cm 2)
  • Back Electrode:
    • Shape: Rectangular.
    • Total Length: 5.43" (13.8 cm).
    • Total Width: 3.5" (8.9 cm).
    • Total Area: 19 in2 (122.6 cm2).
    • Conductive Gel Length: 3.58" (9.1 cm).
    • Conductive Gel Width: 2.18" (5.5 cm).
    • Conductive Gel Area: 7.81 in2 (50.3 cm2).


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