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The Zoll OneStep CPR Resuscitation Electrode is designed to help improve CPR quality and record chest compressions. It sets a new standard for speed to defibrillation and CPR assistance. It is designed for use in hospital settings with the M Series, R Series, and X Series defibrillators.

Warranty: Until Use or Expiration (24 Month Shelf Life).

There are no connectors needed to use OneStep electrodes, they are code-ready and pre-connected to the defibrillator and do not need to be disconnected to test. OneStep CPR Electrodes come in an easy-to-open speed pack, and feature integrated electrodes in anterior defibrillator which eliminates the need for a separate ECG cable.


Zoll OneStep CPR Resuscitation Electrode Features

  • Real CPR Help: Real-time coaching on the depth, rate, and release velocity of compressions. A unique Perfusion Performance Index (PPI) also provides rapid visual assessment of CPR quality and the impact of pauses on resuscitation efforts.
  • See-Thru CPR: Filters out compression artifact, making it possible to see the development of an organized rhythm during manual chest compressions. Minimizng the duration of interruptions increases CPR fraction; a higher fraction is related to resuscitation success.
  • Code-Ready: OneStep electrodes are pre-connected to the R Series defibrillator so they are always ready to use.
  • Expiration Alert: The R Series automatically issues an alert when an electrode approaches its expiration date. In addition, the R Series conduct a daily Code-Ready test automatically without disconnecting the electrodes. A green check mark will be displayed if the R Series is Code-Ready, a red X if it is not.
  • Gel Type: Solid, adhesive polymer.
  • Conductive Element: Tin.
  • Packaging: Protective outer tray containing multilayer foil laminate pouch.
  • Age and Weight: Adult.
  • Pacing Time: 8 hours.
  • Lead Wire Length: 28/46".
  • Non-sterile.


Zoll OneStep CPR Resuscitation Electrode Configurations

Product Number Placement Quantity
#8900-0223-01 Anterior/Posterior 1 Pair
#8900-0213-01 Anterior/Posterior 8 Pairs
#8900-0225-01 Anterior/Anterior 1 Pair
#8900-0217-01 Anterior/Anterior 8 Pairs


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