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The Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator comes with a CPR-D Padz Electrode (#8900-0800-01), 10 CR123a batteries (#8000-0807-01), carrying case, and a PlusTrac Professional Program to manage and maintain the AED Plus unit.

Note: This AED Package is shipped without a medical prescription. The FDA requires a prescription for the purchase of an AED. If you do not have a prescription already, you may purchase an AED package that is shipped with a prescription.

Warranty: Factory 5 Years - Free from Defects in Material and Workmanship.

This AED is a semi-automatic version of the AED Plus and thus requires the rescuer to press the shock button once a shockable heart rhythm is detected. After initial shock, it guides the rescuer through the rescue process with Real CPR Help technology. A Fully-Automatic version is available with prescription as well (#8000-004010-01) and does not require rescuer to initiate shock.

The Zoll AED Plus features a back-lit display screen that provides both audio and text prompts while the CPR-D Padz electrodes are equipped with CPR Help. Aside from the displays of text and audio prompts to rescuer, the elapsed time and shocks delivered are also displayed. This collected information provides a clear picture of events for EMS personnel when they arrive. The Real CPR Help Technology that comes with the CPR-D Padz allows the rescuer to receive real-time depth and rate CPR feedback. This is a feature that only the AED Plus can provide, allowing the rescuer to be guided through the rescuing process.

The PlusTrac Professional Program is a Management Program for the AED Plus. It allows the user to make changes to the AED Program, keep track of and record maintenance, and will run compliance reports that help to manage AED and personnel. This program tracks and reports on all vital components of the Zoll AED Plus, and sends email alerts to ensure FDA compliance and routine battery and electrode replacement maintenance. It features interactive reporting and a notification system that provides the real-time status of all your AEDs.

Access your AED information wherever you are; PlusTrac Professional is a web-based system that can be accessed via internet connection and a web browser. Live customer support is available for the designing, implementation, and maintenance of the PlusTrac Professional Program to suit your needs. The PlusTrac simplifies the management of personnel, the upkeep of AED Plus legal compliance, and the routine maintenance of AED units. This program is also available in packages with the Zoll Fully Automatic AED Plus (#8000-004010-01 and #8000-004011-01).

The Zoll AED Plus Series defibrillators are the only defibrillators on the market that give feedback on both depth and rate of compressions as recommended by the AHA, and the only defibrillators sold with electrodes and batteries that have a 5-year shelf life. The Zoll AED Plus provides feedback to "PUSH HARDER" and "CONTINUE CPR" if the required depth of 2 - 2.4" and the rate of 100 compressions per minute are not met. It also administers self checks weekly, and will indicate readiness with a green check mark near the unit's handle so you can be certain of its ability to rescue.

The cost of maintaining these AEDs is kept low by the long shelf life of Zoll's electrodes and batteries. The batteries are standard lithium 123 batteries that may be purchased at a local hardware store or online. There is no need to special order batteries for this machine; buy them when needed without having to special order.

To ensure you get the most out of owning this Zoll AED, a representative of Zoll will visit your site upon delivery and walk you through all of its components, its use, and long term care.

Zoll AED Plus is also compatible with Zoll CPR Stat-Padz, Stat-Padz II, and Pedi-Padz II (all sold separately) for various ages and rescue settings.


Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator with PlusTrac Professional Features

  • AED Plus:
    • Lid of AED Plus doubles as "passive airway support" to maintain victim's open airway.
    • Automatic self-test checks.
    • LCD display.
    • Audio and text rescue prompts.
    • Battery Capacity: 5 years (225 shocks) or 13 hours continuous monitoring.
    • Patient Safety: Patient connections are electrically isolated.
    • Weight: 6.7 lbs (3.1 kg).
    • Data Recording and Storage:
      • With Audio Installed: 50 minutes ECG and CPR data.
      • With Audio Installed and Enabled: 20 minutes audio, ECG, and CPR data.
      • With Audio Uninstalled and Disabled: 7 hours ECG and CPR data.
  • CPR-D Padz:
    • Real CPR Help Technology that analyzes chest compressions.
    • Attached rescue essentials kit.
    • Five year shelf life.
    • One size fits all design.
    • Simplified placement.
    • Anatomical placement illustrations and CPR hand positioning landmark.
    • Rescue essentials pack attached.
    • Conductive Gel: Polymer Hydrogel.
    • Cable Length: 48".


Zoll AED Plus Defibrillator with PlusTrac Professional Packages

  • #8000-004003-01: 1 Year of PlusTrac Professional.
  • #8000-004004-01: 5 Years of PlusTrac Professional.

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