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The Xltek NeuroWorks EEG32U Computer is configured with stable version Windows 7 and NeuroWorks Version 8.5.1 software.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

The NeuroWorks EEG32U Computer is compatible with the Natus Xltek EEG32U EEG Amplifier (#MFI-XLT-EEG-EEG32U), as well as the following systems:

  • Bio-logic Netlink EEG (#MFI-BOL-NETLINK-EEG).
  • Bio-logic Netlink Traveler 24 Channel Ambulatory EEG (#MFI-BOL-NETLINK).
  • Grass AURA Ambulatory EEG System.
  • Grass Comet Portable EEG/PSG System [Previous Model - PSG (#MFI-GRS-COMET-PSG), Previous Model - EEG (#MFI-GRS-COMET-EEG), Current Model - PLUS PSG (#MFI-GRS-COMET-PLUS-PSG), and Current Model - PLUS EEG (#MFI-GRS-COMET-PLUS-EEG)].
  • Natus Xltek Brain Monitor EEG & Sleep System (#MFI-XLT-EEG-PSG-BRM).
  • Nicolet Ambulatory EEG Monitor.
  • NicoletOne LTM System.
  • NicoletOne vEEG System [32 Channel (#MFI-NCL-ONE-V32-EEG) and 44 Channel (#MFI-NCL-ONE-V44-EEG)].
  • Xltek Connex EEG & Sleep System (#MFI-XLT-CONNEX-EEG-PSG).
  • Xltek EMU40EX EEG/PSG System [Previous Model (#MFI-XLT-EMU40) and Current Model (#MFI-XLT-EMU40EX)].
  • Xltek Trex Ambulatory EEG (#MFI-XLT-TREX-AMBULATORY-EEG).
  • Xltek Trex HD Ambulatory EEG with Video (#MFI-XLT-TREX-AMBULATORY-EEG-VIDEO).


Xltek NeuroWorks EEG32U Computer Features

  • EEG/Sleep combo software package.
  • Integrated SQL Server based distributed database.
  • Simple set up, collection, review, analysis, and reporting.
  • Multiple spike and event analysis plus many additional Advanced Trending options.
  • Physiologic Monitoring Integration options.
  • Visual montage editor.
  • Fully-synchronized Full HD video.
  • User customizable personal workspaces.
  • SDK for direct data access for research.
  • XLSecurity – Built-in HIPAA compliance software for role-based operation with Active Directory integration.
  • Stream data directly to a server for reliability and security.
  • Cerebrum Software provides a centralized and efficient software update process.
  • Integrates with a full range of powerful amplifiers covering all your clinical needs.


Xltek NeuroWorks EEG32U Computer Configurations

  • #MFI-XLT-XLTEK-EEG32U-DESK: Desktop.


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