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The Xltek NeuroWorks Computer is configured with Windows 10 and NeuroWorks Version 9.3.1 software.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

The NeuroWorks Computer is compatible with the following systems:

  • Bio-logic Netlink EEG (#MFI-BOL-NETLINK-EEG).
  • Bio-logic Netlink Traveler 24 Channel Ambulatory EEG (#MFI-BOL-NETLINK).
  • Grass AURA Ambulatory EEG System.
  • Grass Comet Portable EEG/PSG System [Previous Model - PSG (#MFI-GRS-COMET-PSG), Previous Model - EEG (#MFI-GRS-COMET-EEG), Current Model - PLUS PSG (#MFI-GRS-COMET-PLUS-PSG), and Current Model - PLUS EEG (#MFI-GRS-COMET-PLUS-EEG)].
  • Natus Xltek Brain Monitor EEG & Sleep System (#MFI-XLT-EEG-PSG-BRM).
  • Nicolet Ambulatory EEG Monitor.
  • NicoletOne LTM System.
  • NicoletOne vEEG System [32 Channel (#MFI-NCL-ONE-V32-EEG) and 44 Channel (#MFI-NCL-ONE-V44-EEG)].
  • Xltek Connex EEG & Sleep System (#MFI-XLT-CONNEX-EEG-PSG).
  • Xltek EMU40EX EEG/PSG System [Previous Model (#MFI-XLT-EMU40) and Current Model (#MFI-XLT-EMU40EX)].
  • Xltek EMU128FS 128 Channel EEG (#MFI-XLT-EMU128FS-EEG) [Requires the Desktop with Communication Card (#MFI-XLT-EMU128-DESK)].
  • Xltek Trex Ambulatory EEG (#MFI-XLT-TREX-AMBULATORY-EEG).
  • Xltek Trex HD Ambulatory EEG with Video (#MFI-XLT-TREX-AMBULATORY-EEG-VIDEO).


Xltek NeuroWorks Computer Features

  • EEG/Sleep combo software package.
  • Integrated SQL Server based distributed database.
  • Simple set up, collection, review, analysis, and reporting.
  • Multiple spike and event analysis plus many additional Advanced Trending options.
  • Physiologic Monitoring Integration options.
  • Visual montage editor.
  • Fully-synchronized Full HD video.
  • User customizable personal workspaces.
  • SDK for direct data access for research.
  • XLSecurity – Built-in HIPAA compliance software for role-based operation with Active Directory integration.
  • Stream data directly to a server for reliability and security.
  • Cerebrum Software provides a centralized and efficient software update process.
  • Integrates with a full range of powerful amplifiers covering all your clinical needs.


Xltek NeuroWorks Computer Configurations

  • #MFI-XLT-XLTEK-LPTP: Laptop.
  • #MFI-XLT-XLTEK-DESK: Desktop.
  • #MFI-XLT-EMU128-DESK: Desktop - Includes communication card for use with the Xltek EMU128.

Customer Reviews

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Sam K. (New York, United States)
Supporting my devices

It's nice to have options from MFI with my equipment when it's unavailable from the original manufacturer. My new Neuroworks workstation runs my equipment as expected.
Highly recommended.