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The Welch Allyn FlexiPort Blood Pressure Cuff (20 / Box) is a convenient and comfortable disposable cuff solution that is designed to simplify the process of measuring blood pressure in a hospital environment.

Welch Allyn FlexiPort Blood Pressure Cuffs offer true cuff standardization for your facility, allowing you to use one cuff on most blood pressure devices. FlexiPort Cuffs not only streamline workflows by making it easier for caregivers to find and change the right cuff, but also reduce part numbers by up to 90 percent, simplifying inventory and ordering.


Welch Allyn FlexiPort Blood Pressure Cuff Features

  • FlexiPort fitting provides a single point of connection between devices and cuffs, making any cuff a one or two-tube cuff.
  • Part numbers are reduced by up to 60 percent, simplifying ordering and inventory.
  • No sewn seams to tear or fray. Soft, latex-free material minimizes risk of allergic reactions and ensures patient comfort.
  • Rotatable port reduces stress to cuff tubing and port, improving patient comfort and cuff durability.
  • Every cuff size, from small infant to adult thigh.
  • Durable enough for extended patient stays.
  • Color-coded for fast, accurate selection of the correct cuff size.
  • Meets all the latest clinical guidelines for proper fit from AAMI and AHA.
  • Affordable for single-patient use to help reduce cross-contamination risks.


Welch Allyn FlexiPort Blood Pressure Cuff Sizes

  • #SOFT-06: Size-06 Small Infant; Cuff Range 7-10 cm.
  • #SOFT-07: Size-07 Infant; Cuff Range 9-13 cm.
  • #SOFT-08: Size-08 Small Child; Cuff Range 12-16 cm.
  • #SOFT-09: Size-09 Child; Cuff Range 15-21 cm.
  • #SOFT-10: Size-10 Small Adult; Cuff Range 20-26 cm.
  • #SOFT-11: Size-11 Adult; Cuff Range 25-34 cm.
  • #SOFT-11L: Size-11L Adult Long; Cuff Range 25-34 cm.
  • #SOFT-12: Size-12 Large Adult; Cuff Range 32-43 cm.
  • #SOFT-12L: Size-12L Large Adult Long; Cuff Range 32-43 cm.
  • #SOFT-13: Size-13 Thigh; Cuff Range 40-55 cm.

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