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The Tuttnuaer T-Edge 11 is an advanced, large chamber autoclave for sterilizing wrapped instruments, unwrapped instruments, delicates, and handpieces. Includes a drain tube and tray holder.

Warranty: 2 Years - Free from Defects in Materials and Workmanship.

The Tuttnuaer T-Edge 11 is a 110 V unit that includes programs with fast cycle times to accommodate a variety of tools and instruments, including wrapped and unwrapped, and delicates. This unit features a large chamber which can fit extra long trays, along with a 110° door to ensure smooth loading/unloading without obstruction.

This autoclave is also unique in it's Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing users to monitor the cycles conveniently from a smartphone or tablet. In addition, the touchpad control panel is user-friendly with clearly displayed cycle selections, water monitoring levels, cycle times, and more.

The T-Edge 11 is available in a Class B and Class S model, each with unique features. The Class B model comes with a Virus Protection Shield cycle, which heats the trays up to 180° for 15 minutes. This method eliminates bacteria, viruses, and fungi - including coronavirus - for more thorough sterilization. This model uses a pre/post vacuum method that won't exhaust air in the chamber during the procedure. The Class S model utilizes a gravity steam sterilization method. If customers currently have the Class S model and wish to upgrade to Class B (Pre/Post Vacuum version), the autoclave can be updated via the USB Software Update (#T-EDGE CLASS B SW UPGRADE), to add the features of the Class B model.


Tuttnauer T-Edge 11 Autoclave Features

  • Class S can be upgraded to Class B through a software update, instead of purchasing a new device.
  • Conveniently monitor cycles via smartphone or tablet app.
  • Has a seven gallon chamber with room for five trays.
  • User-friendly touchpad controls clearly display pivotal information.
  • Large door radius ensures no blockage during loading/unloading of the chamber.
  • Meets all the most current sterilization standards ANSI/AAMI ST55 ensuring the highest sterilization levels.


Tuttnauer T-Edge 11 Autoclave Specifications

  • Chamber Size: 18" (depth) x 11" (diameter).
  • Volume: 7 gallons (27 liters).
  • Overall Dimensions: 22.8" x 18.9" x 19.23".
  • Door Radius: 110°.
  • Number of Trays: 5.
  • Connections: (1) ethernet port, (4) USB ports, WiFi, automatic water filling and drain connection.
  • Standard Cassette Capacity: 4.
  • Power Supply: 120 V.
  • Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz.
  • Power Consumption: 1700 W.
  • Weight: 115 lb.


Tuttnauer T-Edge 11 Autoclave Configurations

  • #T-EDGE-11S: Class S (Gravity Cycle).
  • #T-EDGE-11B: Class B (Pre/Post Vacuum).


Tuttnauer T-Edge 11 Autoclave Accessories

The following accessories are compatible and commonly used with the T-Edge 11 Autoclave. Please note these items are sold separately, and are not included with purchase of the T-Edge 11 unit.

  • Clean & Simple Ultrasonic/Enzymatic Tablets:
    • #CS0004: Pack of 4.
    • #CS0064: Box of 64.
    • #CS0144: Box of 144.
    • #CS0064-CS: Case of 768.
    • #CS0144-CS: Case of 1728.
  • Clean & Simple Ultrasonic Cleaner:
    • #CSU1: 0.85 gallon.
    • #CSU1H: 0.85 gallon with Heater.
    • #CSU3: 3.25 gallon.
    • #CSU3H: 3.25 gallon with Heater.
    • #CSU6: 6.5 gallon.
    • #CSU6H: 6.5 gallon with Heater.
  • #DS 1000: Steam Distiller Purification System.
  • #T-EDGE CLASS B SW UPGRADE: Tuttnauer T-Edge Autoclave Class B Software Upgrade.


Tuttnauer T-Edge 11 Autoclave Literature

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