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The Tuttnauer LABSCI 15+LWS Autoclave sterilizes plastic, liquids, tools, clothes, and glassware items. It's a large, mobile autoclave that doesn't require any utility connections.

Warranty: 2 Years.

This autoclave is mounted on four wheels for mobility and doesn't require any utility connections. As a result, it's a portable, convenient sterilizer with "plug & play" function - all it needs is a power source and the internal reservoirs to be filled. The water reservoirs are conservative, requiring only five liters per day. It's also equipped with a steam generator and post-vacuum pump, which provides a quick and efficient drying process.

The autoclave comes with options such as warming, isothermal, 21 CFR with R.PC.R software, Biohazard filter and Over Pressure Cycle (which protects sealed bags and containers from breaking during the cycle).

Tuttnauer LABSCI 15+LWS Autoclave Features

  • No plumbing connections needed - includes reservoirs for distilled water, tap water, and drain.
  • Built-in steam generator and vacuum pump ensure efficient drying.
  • Free-standing, wheeled autoclave for mobility and multi-use.
  • Biohazard filter prevents contaminated air from entering the lab.

Tuttnauer LABSCI 15+LWS Autoclave Specifications

  • Chamber Volume: 85 L.
  • Max Available Height: 12.1".
  • Chamber Dimensions: 15" x 27.2".
  • External Dimensions: 28.3" x 53.7" x 46.9".
  • Power: 230 V, 3 phase (60 Hz).
  • Utilities: No plumbing required.

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