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The Tuttnauer Biological Indicators for Autoclaves (50/Box) (#WTL198-0058) is a small vial that is placed in autoclaves during the sterilization process to accurately assess if microorganisms survived sterilization. Available in two configurations. Each order is a box of 50 indicators.

Warranty: 1 Year.

The Biological Indicator is a vial device that contains endospores similar to what may be present on instruments before sterilization. The vial is placed in the sterilizer with the instruments, and afterwards is placed inside an incubator to determine if any microbes survived the sterilization. If the endospores grow during incubation, this indicates that they survived sterilization and the user's instruments are not completely sterile. These vials are compatible with gravity and pre/post vacuum autoclaves. 

In the past, samples would have to be mailed to be tested for microorganisms, but with the Rapid Biological Indicators and the BioNova Incubator or  MiniBio Auto-Reader, lab technicians and caregivers can get accurate sterilization readings in as little as 20 minutes to 1 hour. These products are ideal for clinics or labs with a high turnaround of sterilizing instruments.


Tuttnauer Biological Indicator for Autoclaves Features

  • Comes in 500 indicators per case.
  • Compatible with gravity and pre/post vacuum autoclaves.
  • Designed for use with the BioNova Incubator or  MiniBio Auto-Reader.
  • Available in two configurations - Rapid (1 hour incubation) or Ultra-Rapid (20 minute incubation).


Tuttnauer Biological Indicator for Autoclaves Configurations

  • #WTL198-0058: Rapid - 1 Hour.
  • #WTL198-0072: Ultra-Rapid - 20 Minutes.


Tuttnauer Biological Indicator for Autoclaves Literature

Tuttnauer Biological Indicators - What to Know

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