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The Tuttnauer 4472 Autoclave (#4472-1V) has a single, automatic vertical sliding door, with Pre/Post Vacuum Class B features. This model is designed to be recessed into the wall by default, but a stainless steel cabinet for standalone use is available (see Accessories). 

Note: This model is designed for recessed wall housing (not pictured above). Steel cabinet is sold separately.

Warranty: 1 Year - Parts and Labor.

The 4472 is a large capacity standing autoclave that can safely sterilize medical and laboratory equipment. It boasts four cubic feet (120 liters) of cubic volume and an easy layout to slide racks and shelves into the machine. Users have an easy-to-use 7-inch touch pad to select sterilizing programs or create their own program for equipment. Security features include access levels and user passwords, ethernet connection, and an internal battery backup.

If your facility does not have an in-house steam source or pressurized air, Tuttnauer offers these sources as additional accessories (see Accessories tab). 


Tuttnauer 4472 Autoclave Features

  • Made from stainless steel, including steel piping and connectors to avoid corrosion.
  • Up to 14 programs can be chosen for sterilizing.
  • User-friendly touch control panel.
  • Suitable for hospitals and laboratories.


Tuttnauer 4472 Autoclave Specifications

  • Weight: 1100 lbs (499 kg).
  • Chamber Dimensions: 16" x 16" x 28".
  • Chamber Volume: 4 Cubic Feet (120 Liters).
  • Door Type: Automatic Vertical Sliding Door.
  • Steam Options: House Steam Standard (Optional Integral Steam Generator).
  • Mounting Options: Cabinet Enclosed or Recessed Through Wall (Left or Right Service).
  • Class Type: Class B, Pre/Post Vacuum Standard.
  • Loading Equipment: Rack & 2 Shelves Standard (Optional Loading Cart & Transfer Carriage).
  • External Dimensions: 31" x 76" x 46".
  • Plant Steam Supply Pipe Size: 3/4" NPT.
  • Plant Steam Supply Flow Rate: 48 Lbs/Hr Peak - 17 Lbs/Cycle Avg.
  • Building Drain: 2" ODT.
  • Compressed Air Requirements: 75-95 PSIG Dynamic, 3.5 SCFM. 3/8” NPT.
  • Electrical Requirements (Control System): 1-Phase, 120v, 50/60Hz. 20A.


Tuttnauer 4472 Autoclave Accessories

  • #RS-4472: Tuttnauer 4472 Rack and Two Shelves.
  • #P-GEN0016: Tuttnauer 4472 Steam Generator with Automatic Blow Down.
  • #CAB-4472-1V: Tuttnauer 4472 Stainless Steel Cabinet.
  • #LC-4472: Tuttnauer 4472 Loading Cart.
  • #TC-4472: Tuttnauer 4472 Transfer Carriage.
  • #1760440: Tuttnauer 4472 Air Compressor.
  • #LC2PC40GVFSO2SS-01: Tuttnauer Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System.

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