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The TIDI Posey Torso Support is designed to enhance the posture and seating arrangement of patients in chairs or wheelchairs. It offers added stability to the upper body, preventing slumping, sideways leaning, and slips from seating. The adaptable design has the control flap placed at the front for patients capable of self-release, or at the back for release assisted by a healthcare provider.

Crafted from a gentle, quilted material for comfort, it includes secure hook-and-loop closures for a reliable fit. This support can be paired with a Wedge Cushion or a Lap Belt for reinforced stability. The 2X-Large size is especially suitable for larger seating like geri-chairs.


TIDI Posey Torso Support Features

  • Assists with proper posture in chairs or wheelchairs.
  • XX-Large size is suitable for geri-chairs.
  • Can be self-released by patient from front, or by caregivers from the back.
  • Can be paired with a Wedge Cushion or a Lap Belt.


TIDI Posey Torso Support Sizes


MPN Size Waist Strap Dimensions Shoulder Strap Length
3656M Medium 54"L x 5"W (137 cm x 13 cm) 37"L x 3"W (94 cm x 8 cm)
3656L Large 60"L x 5"W (152 cm x 13 cm) 41"L x 3"W (104 cm x 8 cm)
3656XL X-Large 72"L x 5"W (183 cm x 13 cm) 41"L x 3"W (104 cm x 8 cm)
3656XXL XX-Large 84"L x 5"W (213 cm x 13 cm) 46"L x 3"W (117 cm x 8 cm)

TIDI Posey Torso Support Literature

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