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TECA Elite Disposable Concentric Needles are individually pouched and available in a quantity of 25 pouches per box.

Note: Does not include concentric cable (#X21001).

TECA needles meet today's demands for clinical efficiency and patient comfort. They are individually packaged in sealed pouches, sterilized by gamma radiation, for single use only. TECA Elite Disposable Concentric Needles feature a coated stainless steel cannula to provide both strength for quick and efficient penetration as well as flexibility for precise adjustments within the targeted recording area. Manufactured with a Tungsten core, assuring a reliable and accurate signal detection. 

Elite needles differ from traditional needles with their cutting-edge tips to help aid in trouble-free penetration. Ultra-sharp 3 point pyramidal exposed tip compared to conical tips. Needles are color-coded by needle size for easy identification and provide a firm grip, orientation-free connection, and recording area direction indicator.

TECA Elite Disposable Concentric Needle Features

  • Trocar point and 15° tip angle.
  • Orientation-free connection for ease of use.
  • Security clip and recording area direction indicator.
  • Ergonomically designed hub.
  • 99.9% concentricity.
  • Consistently low impedances for accurate recording.
  • Lightweight cable and hub design.
  • Pre-sterilized.
  • Latex free.

TECA Elite Disposable Concentric Needle Specifications

  • Intended Use: TECA Elite Disposable Concentric Needles are intended for use with recording, monitoring and stimulation/recording equipment for the stimulation/recording of biopotential signals including electromyograph (EMG) and nerve potential signals.
  • Materials:
    • Electrode:
      • Cannula: Stainless Steel.
      • Cannula Coating: Silicone.
      • Core: Tungsten.
      • Insulator: Polyesteriminde. 
      • Hub: Brass, Copper/Nickel plating.
      • Hub Color Cover: Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS).
      • Protective Tube: Polyethylene.
    • Packaging:
      • Pouch: Tyvek/EVA.
      • Box: Cardboard.
  • Sterilization:
    • Type: Gamma Irradiation.
    • Shelf Life: 3 Years.

TECA Elite Disposable Concentric Needle Configurations

Part Number Length Needle Diameter (mm) Hub Color Recording Area (mm2)
#S53153 1" (25 mm) 0.30 (30 Gauge) Red 0.03
#S53155 1" (25 mm) 0.46 (26 Gauge) Yellow 0.07
#S53156 1.5" (37 mm) 0.46 (26 Gauge) Green 0.07
#S53158 2" (50 mm) 0.46 (26 Gauge) Blue 0.07
#S53159 3" (75 mm) 0.64 (23 Gauge) Violet 0.07

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