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Using a Piezo-electric crystal, the SleepSense Piezo Snore Sensor (# 1250) with safety DIN connectors converts vibrations in the neck caused by snoring to a small analog voltage that provides a clear, reliable indication of the presence of snoring. SleepSense implemented a small bump into the design of the Piezo Snore Sensor, which maintains constant contact with the patient's skin throughout movements or sweating, ensuring consistent quality signals throughout the night with little to no artifact.

Warranty: Factory 6 Months - Free of Defects in Materials and Quality Workmanship.

NOTE: SleepSense items are for professional use only, and are for sale by or on the order of a physician only. This device is for diagnostic purposes only and not for use as an apnea monitor.

SleepSense Piezo Snore Sensor Features & Specifications:

  • Immune to ambient noise.
  • Smooth contours and high friction material minimizes shifting.
  • Large sensitive area improves signal stability.
  • Very good sensitivity.
  • Tolerant to placement errors.
  • Lightweight and soft.
  • Connects to AC jack box.
  • No batteries required.
  • Sensor Technology: Piezo crystal in TPE.
  • Typical Polygraph Settings:
    • Sensitivity: 20 to 75μ/ mm.
    • Low Frequency Filter: 10 Hz.
    • High Frequency Filter: 100 Hz.
  • Typical Signal Amplitude:
    • Typical 1 mV peak to peak.
    • Signal amplitudes may vary. Response is dependent on such variables as snore magnitude, neck density, sleep position, polygraph characteristics, etc.
  • Physical Size: 0.80" diameter.
  • Cable Length: sensor: 6'4", 1.5 mm touch-proof connector.
  • Weight: 2.15 oz.

SleepSense Piezo Snore Sensor Compatibilty:

The SleepSense Piezo Snore Sensor is compatible with the following products from these medical brands: 

Carefusion SensorMedics Viasys
  Somnostar z4
Cadwell Easy III
CompuMedics Grael HD PSG
  CompuMedics Somte
  CompuMedics E Series
Natus Sandman 32
  Sandman 20
Nihon Kohden Polysmith
NeuroVirtual BWII PSG

SleepSense Piezo Snore Sensor Literature:

SleepSense Piezo Snore Sensor Technical Specifications

SleepSense Respiration Pressure Flow Sensors User Manual

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