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The Sklar Explorer #5 is a handheld dental instrument commonly used to examine teeth for decay. It is double ended, featuring a #23 Shepards Hook on one end and a #17 end on the other.

Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee against Manufacturing Defects.

An explorer is used to examine the surface of the tooth for defects such as caries, cavities, and calculus (otherwise known as tartar, a hardened form of dental plaque). The thin, sharp tips are effective for maneuvering in the the mouth, as well as removing small bits of debris.

The #23 tip, a type of sickle probe, is also known as a Shepard's hook. It features a round curvature, and therefore, a longer working tip. This allows it to be useful for deeper exploration of cavities or restorations. The #17 tip is more angular in shape and shorter, used for examining and removing debris from in between teeth. This double-ended instrument provides the user with the convenience of essentially having 2 instruments readily available.

Sklar Explorer #5 Features:

  • Stainless Steel.
  • Latex-Free.
  • Reusable.
  • Non-Sterile.

Sklar Explorer #5 Configurations:

Product Number Handle Grade (Steel)
48-130 Round/Octagonal Physician (Pakistan)
48-472 Octagonal Physician (Pakistan)
49-0660 Round Premium OR
49-0665 Octagonal Premium OR

Merit Office Physician Grade Instrumentation: A cost-effective line of instruments ideally suited for routine, minor surgical use in the office setting. Manufactured in FDA registered facilities in Pakistan by skilled instrument craftsmen. Merit instruments come with a 10 Year guarantee.

Sklar OR Quality Instruments: The best Operating Room quality instruments incorporating the highest grades of surgical steel, finely detailed craftsmanship and exacting standards of manufacturing. These instruments are manufactured in the USA and Germany.

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