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The Sklar College Cotton Pliers - Non-Pinching, Smooth are forceps designed for use in dental procedures.

Warranty: Lifetime - Guarantee against Manufacturing Defects.

The 49-1760 dental forceps can also be found as part of the Plier Set (#98-1476).

Sklar College Cotton Pliers - Non-Pinching, Smooth Features

  • Surname: London College.
  • Instrument Type: Dental Forceps.
  • Length: 5.75".
  • Angled curvature.
  • Smooth working surface.
  • Thumb handle.
  • Reusable.
  • Non-sterile.
  • Latex-free.
  • Premium OR-grade stainless steel.

Sklar OR Quality Instruments: The best Operating Room quality instruments incorporating the highest grades of surgical steel, finely detailed craftsmanship, and exacting standards of manufacturing. These instruments are manufactured in the USA and Germany.

Sklar College Cotton Pliers - Non-Pinching, Smooth Configurations

  • 41-334: Previous Model (Limited Supply).
  • 49-1760: Current Model.

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