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The Skintact Foam Lift Tab Solid Gel Electrode is a high performance electrode designed for stress testing, Holter, and ECG monitoring.

Warranty: Until Use or Expiration.

Skintact's Aqua-Tac adhesive is a great choice for both long and short term procedures. Aqua-Tac solid gel combines quick ECG pick up with high quality recordings as well as the minimization of skin reactions. Aqua-Tac demonstrates 100% skin surface contact.

Skintact electrodes are always made latex-free and from environmentally-friendly materials that may be disposed of using standard waste disposal procedures unless clinical protocol requires otherwise. Designed using proven biocompatible materials, these electrodes are kind on the skin while producing quality recordings.

Tested against all applicable standards, all Skintact ECG electrodes meet ANSI/AAMI EC12: 2000 on ECG disposable electrodes, ISO 10993 on biocompatibility, and European Device Directive.


Skintact Foam Lift Tab Solid Gel Electrode Features

  • Aqua-Tac solid gel for quality recordings and 100% skin surface contact.
  • Steel snap stud.
  • Long-term and short-term monitoring capability.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Diaphoretic.
  • Ag/AgCl.
  • Lift-tab design.
  • Foam backing for flexibility and sensor protection.


Skintact Foam Lift Tab Solid Gel Electrode Specifications

  • Material: Foam.
  • Composition: Aqua-Tac solid gel.
  • Size: 50 x 54 mm Round.


Skintact Foam Lift Tab Solid Gel Electrode Configurations

Model Packaging Quantity Comparable To
#FS-TB1 30 Electrodes per Pouch #FS-TB1-BX: Box of 1500 3M: 2257, 2259, 2270, 2287 / ConMed: 1590, 1800, 1870 / Kendall-LTP: 200, 530, 7161, 9131 / Nikomed USA: 2010 / Vermed: A10005-1-60
#FS-TB1-CS: Case of 6000
#FS-TB1-5 5 Electrodes per Pouch #FS-TB1-5-BX: Box of 600 ConMed: 1870-005 / Kendall-LTP: 535
#FS-TB1-5-CS: Case of 2400

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