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The Sempermed Supreme Latex Surgical Gloves (6 Boxes/Case) are designed for use in operating rooms, surgical suites, dental clinics, laboratories and veterinary care.

Each box contains 50 gloves, with 6 boxes per case, for a total of 300 gloves per case.

Warranty: Until Use/Expiration.

The Supreme Latex Surgical Gloves are on par with 4 - 5 mil gloves, and are suitable for surgery with a 0.65 AQL. These gloves are anatomically correct, complete with curved fingers and a rolled cuff for secure fit. They're made of natural rubber latex, powder-free, chlorinated, and polymer-coated.

The patented "Quick Don" inner coating allows for fast application, and the micro-rough texture across the surface is excellent for handling delicate instruments and devices. The surface of the gloves have been pre-washed to avoid skin irritants.


Sempermed Supreme Latex Surgical Gloves Features

  • Suitable for surgery and operating rooms with a 0.65 AQL.
  • Hand-specific with curved fingers and rolled cuff.
  • Made of natural rubber latex and powder-free.
  • "Quick Don" inner coating ensures faster donning.


Sempermed Supreme Latex Surgical Gloves Sizes

  • #SPFP550: 5.5.
  • #SPFP600: 6.
  • #SPFP650: 6.5.
  • #SPFP700: 7.
  • #SPFP750: 7.5. 
  • #SPFP800: 8.
  • #SPFP850: 8.5.
  • #SPFP900: 9.

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