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The Rhythmlink Disposable InvisaDeep EEG Cup Electrode (#CTDC115 / 12 per Box) is an artifact free CT imaging electrode that enables a continuous collection of EEG data before and after a patient has a CT scan. The InvisaDeep offers all the same great benefits as the InvisaSlim EEG Cup Electrode, and also features a cup that holds 3.5 times more conductive material.

Warranty: Until Use or Expiration.

The artifact free CT imaging electrodes offer the same superior EEG recording quality as Rhythmlink standard electrodes, but can be left on the patient during a CT scan.


Rhythmlink Disposable InvisaDeep EEG Cup Electrode Features

  • A molded safety connector with ample built-in strain relief.
  • Pre-attached leadwire.
  • Can be used with any gel, paste, collodion, or other similar adhesive.
  • High quality recordings.


Rhythmlink Disposable InvisaDeep EEG Cup Electrode Specifications

  • Cup Size: 10 mm.
  • 3.4 mm recessed cup.
  • Lead Length: 1.5 m.
  • Weight (of Box): 0.181 lbs.
  • Lead Wire Colors: Black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, gray, brown, pink, light blue, and purple.
  • Materials:
    • Cup: ABS plastic coated with Ag/AgCl.
    • Leadwire: Copper with PVC jacket.
    • Conductive Adhesive: Silver filled epoxy.
    • Connector: DIN 42 802.
    • Sterilized: No.
  • Environment:
    • Latex-free electrode.
    • PVC-free packaging.
  • Packaging:
    • Pouch: Polyethylene.
    • Pouch Size: 120 mm x 182 mm.

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