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The QRS LX Event Software (#701022-00) offers the most comprehensive and flexible way to handle ECG data from looping event recorders. Error code detection and correction make this the most reliable and accurate ECG capture software on the market today. QRS LX Event software is compatible with event recorders from other manufacturers, but offers special advantages when used with the QRS Q200/HE Holter (#700005-00).

Warranty: Industry-Leading 3 Years (includes support and software updates during warranty period).

The LX Event Software supports three reception modes: telephone transmission via conventional telephone line (FM modulation), local recording via a microphone, and for Q200 users, SD card recording via a convenient digital data card. Multiple patient file transmissions can be automatically associated within a single procedure for each patient.

The patient database is easily searchable by a number of patient criteria. Automatic event detection with the Q200, filters, and other adjustments allow for more accurate interpretation and processing of the ECG data.

QRS can provide an informative tour of the LX Event Software via the Internet. Sit back, relax, and let their professionals show you beat-by-beat how to use the software (Broadband or DSL high-speed connection required).

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP or later.
  • Processor Speed of 1 GHz or faster.
  • At least 256 MB of memory (512 MB recommended).
  • Monitor resolution of at least 1280 X 1024.
  • At least 10 GB of available disk drive space.
  • Standard analog (POTS) phone line for receiving telephonic transmissions.
  • Laser printer recommended.


QRS LX Event Software Features

  • Compatible with all telephonic Event Recorders: Telephonic or microphone transmission available for all event recorders.
  • Many additional features for Q200 users: Q200 users have the added benefits of automatic event detection, event labels and time/date stamped, automatic transmission speed detection, and SD Card transmission of ECG data.
  • Complete kit supports three transmission modes: Each software kits includes a telephone interface unit that can be used for telephone (FM modulation) or local microphone recording. An SD Card and SD Card reader are included for Q200 SD Card transmissions.
  • Filter and adjust ECG data to improve analysis and output: ECG data may be adjusted for gain, high, and low pass filters. The ECG data can also be inverted and scaled in time and size in order to make the interpretation of ECG data cleaner and more accurate.
  • Multiple measurements and cursors available for reporting strips: Ten unique cursors (P, I, Q, R1, R2, S, ST, T, X AND Y) and five automatically calculated parameters (PR, QRS, QT, SR, HR) illustrate the strips and facilitate the most accurate reports. Strips may also be labeled.
  • Customizable reports: Report may be customized with your contact information and logo and consist of saved strips, with or without full disclosure.
  • Searchable patient data base: Locate patients rapidly by a number of criteria - name, date of birth, phone, referring physician - with several search capabilities - begins with, contains or wildcard.


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