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The Parks Flo-Lab 2100-SX Vascular System includes a Windows 10 computer loaded with SonovaE 5.4 software, 8 MHz probe, two PPG sensors, set of cuffs (1.9 Digit [x2], 2.5 Digit, [x2], 12 cm x 44.5 cm [x6], Extra Long 12 cm [x2], 10 cm x 44.5 cm [x4], CC17 Contoured Thigh [x2], and TMC7 Transmetatarsal [x2]), multiport cuff inflator, and printer.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

The Flo-Lab 2100-SX is a non-invasive vascular system that provides exactly what you need for optimum patient care and efficient operation. It outpaces the competition where it really matters - Doppler sensitivity, product reliability, and usability. Our systems are engineered for the best performance possible, using Doppler technology invented by Parks over forty-five years ago and continuously improved since.

Flo-Lab performs a full range of lower arterial, upper arterial, and venous studies, providing complete vascular diagnostic services for your patients.

Parks customers know that the choice of a vascular system should be based on the most difficult patients - where the Flo-Lab's unmatched sensitivity results in better diagnoses in less time. And an informed buying decision depends on using the instrument, too - which is why we recommend that you actually use the Flo-Lab when we demonstrate it in your lab. It's the only way to really understand how easy the Flo-Lab is to learn and operate.

And the Flo-Lab's features are designed not only to help you operate it easily, but to quickly take advantage of advanced capabilities - such as configurable protocols and customized reports that will save you hours in the long run. It all adds up to hassle-free operation and better studies on all patients, in less time, for years to come. Which makes the Flo-Lab not just a better instrument, but a better investment.

Every Flo-Lab feature has been designed to help you focus on performing the fastest, most accurate studies on all of your patients, even those with severe disease. You'll immediately appreciate the combination of Parks Dopplers - the most accurate in the world-and the most flexible, user-friendly operation of any vascular system.

Studies for Vascular Diagnosis:

  • Arterial - Lower: Doppler, Segmental Pressures, Volume Pulse Recording (PVR), Exercise/Reactive Hyperemia, Lower Digits, Penile, Pulses.
  • Arterial - Upper: Doppler, Segmental Pressures, Volume Pulse Recording (PVR), Exercise/Reactive Hyperemia, Upper Digits, Allen Test, Raynaud's Test - Cold Sensitivity (with Infrared Thermometer), Thoracic Outlet, Pulses.
  • Venous: Doppler - Legs, Doppler - Arms, Venous Reflux, Limb Measure.


Parks Flo-Lab 2100-SX Vascular System Specifications

  • Electrical:
    • ISO 500 D power supply (UL544 Spec.)
    • 120 V AC, 60 Hz. 3 amperes typical, 5 amperes peak @ 120 V AC, 500 VA.
  • Height: 55" (140 cm).
  • Width: 26.5" (67 cm).
  • Depth: 30" (76 cm).
  • Weight (without cart and accessories): 117 lb (60.66 kg).
  • Environmental Conditions:
    • Ambient Temperature: -40 to 158 °F (-40 to 70 °C).
    • Relative Humidity: 10 to 100%, condensing.
    • Atmospheric Pressure: 500 to 1060 hPa.
  • Cuff Inflator:
    • Inflate Modes: Momentary (BP mode) or fill to preset (VPR mode).
    • Inflator Preset: User selectable.
    • Inflation Rate:
      • BP Mode - Linear, variable speed, user selectable 5 - 30 mm Hg/sec.
      • VPR Mode - Fixed 30 mm Gh/sec.
    • BP Bleed Rate: User-selectable 1 - 10 mm Hg/sec.
    • Valve Type: Servo controlled and solenoid activated.

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