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The Parker Tensive Conductive Adhesive Gel is a safe, non-flammable, odorless, conductive adhesive gel. Recommended for TENS, EMG, EEG, and other electromedical procedures.

Warranty: Until Use or Expiration (36 Month Shelf Life).

Parker Tensive Conductive Adhesive Gel Features

  • Size: 50 g Tube.
  • Eliminates tape and tape irritation.
  • Conductive immediately, no need to wait.
  • Non-flammable, no solvent odor.
  • Best adhesive gel available.
  • Bacteriostatic.
  • Non-irritating.
  • Water soluble, easily removed with water.
  • Not recommended for defibrillation.

Parker Tensive Conductive Adhesive Gel Sizes

  • #22-60: Single Tube.
  • #22-60-CS: Case (144 Tubes).

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anton J. Hardy (Charlotte, US)
Adhesive gel:

I have tested the quality of the adhesive gel and it is good standard. Thanks assisting me in finding what I need in adhesive for my tens machine. Truly, a valued customer.

Gregory Paul Schoettle (Evansville, US)
Sticky Stuff

I used this to refurbash an IcyHot Smart Relief TENS pad which had the adhesive come off the back of the pad. This Tensive stuff is way too thick and does not spread easily. I've not use the pad yet so I'm not sure how well the adhesive will conduct electricity. And 50 grams per tube is way to small of a sample to use on these IcyHot TENS pads. I can only do one or two pads with one tube.

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