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The PaceTech Cardiac Output Module (#COP-M) is a parameter for PaceTech Patient Monitors.

Note: This parameter must be purchased at the same time of purchase as one of the following PaceTech Patient Monitors:

  • PaceTech MINIPACK 300 8" Medical Monitor.
  • PaceTech VITALMAX 4000 12" Medical Monitor.
  • PaceTech VITALMAX 4000VET 12" Veterinary Monitor.
  • PaceTech VITALMAX 4100VET 15" Veterinary Monitor.

Warranty: 5 Years.

The PaceTech Cardiac Output Module is a sophisticated and vital enhancement for your patient monitor, designed to deliver real-time, continuous measurement of cardiac output, a critical parameter in assessing a patient's cardiovascular status. The Cardiac Output Module enables healthcare professionals to monitor patients' hemodynamic status, detect potential cardiovascular issues, and make informed decisions for timely and effective interventions. To ensure seamless integration and functionality, this option must be ordered concurrently with your patient monitor and will be pre-installed prior to shipment.

Customer Reviews

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Juan R. (Florida, United States)
Most accurate monitors

My VitalMax 4000 monitor is the best investment I've made. USA manufactured and 5-year warranty. I love that it's so portable and easy to move from patient to patient.

Thank you for your kind words! We're so happy to hear that our VitalMax 4000 monitor is providing you with accurate readings and great customer service.