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The OakWorks Bolster Body Curve is available in the full range of OakWork's fabric color options. Specially designed to support the patients cervical spine, it also provides great accessibility to the neck area making your work easier.

Warranty: 1 Year.

OakWorks Bolster Body Curve Features

  • Fully supports the cervical spine.
  • Provides great accessibility to the neck.
  • Comes in the full range of fabric colors to match your table.

OakWorks Bolster Body Curve Colors

  • #41606-T01: Coal.
  • #41606-T05: Heron.
  • #41606-T13: Stone.
  • #41606-T12: Opal.
  • #41606-T08: Ruby.
  • #41606-T07: Earth.
  • #41606-T17: Sapphire.
  • #41606-T18: Clay.
  • #41606-T19: Orchid.
  • #41606-T22: Sage.
  • #41606-T24: Blue Grass.
  • #41606-T20: Ocean.
  • #41606-T26: White.
  • #41606-T29: Pewter.
  • #41606-T27: Espresso.
  • #41606-T04: Sky Blue.

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