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The Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-9100 Portable EEG Machine includes a Dell E5540 laptop with Intel i5 Processor loaded with Windows 10 operating system (Nihon Kohden EEG software Version 5.03, NWB Neuro Workbench Version 07.02, NRS Neuro Report Version 04.11, and Trend Version 02.22 installed), choice of amplifier, photic stimulator (#LS-703AA), photic control box (#LS-901AJ), isolation box (#SM-930 AA), and interconnecting cables.

Note: Desktop computer configuration is available. We have experts ready to assist you in selecting your equipment and supplies. Please contact MFI Medical to personalize your order.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

The Neurofax EEG-9100 EEG Machine features a portable and lightweight build that makes the entire system easy to carry in a car or plane for travel. Quality EEG recording is assured even in the electrically noisy OR or ICU. Neurofax has high performance, high sensitivity amplifiers, high frequency and simultaneous sampling, ECG rejection filter, shielded electrodes, and a high performance electrode junction box with USB connection.


Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-9100 Portable EEG Machine Features

  • EEG Examination Support Software (#QP-150AK):
    • Adult seizure detection and review.
    • Voltage mapping.
    • EEG central monitoring.
  • Automatic photic stimulation.
  • 8 channel DSA trend graph.
  • 64 channels plus one event marker channel display.
  • Standard Windows networking.
  • EEG Scope: Review previous EEG while monitoring and acquiring new EEG.
  • Open up to four EEG files at the same time.
  • Trace annotation and fast jumping to events.
  • Montage map.
  • Note windows let you copy any part of the waveform window.
  • 3-D voltage mapping displays voltage maps in six different views or a sequence of voltage maps in one view.


Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-9100 Portable EEG Machine Configurations

  • #MFI-NHK-EEG-9100-910A: With JE-910A Amplifier (Clinical EEG): Standard 32 Channel Amplifier.
    • Previous model amplifier.
  • #MFI-NHK-EEG-9100-921A: With JE-921A Amplifier (Clinical EEG/PSG): Multi-Function Junction Box.
    • Current model amplifier.
    • Economical - use the same junction box for routine EEG and PSG.
    • 25 EEG, 14 bipolar (seven pairs), four DC, SpO2, CO2 connectors.


Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-9100 Portable EEG Machine Accessories

The following accessories are commonly purchased with the Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-9100 Portable EEG Machine:

  • #MFI-NHK-POLYSMITH-LPTP: Nihon Kohden Polysmith Computer - Laptop. *Not Compatible with units with JE-910A amplifier (#MFI-NHK-EEG-9100-910A).
  • #MFI-NHK-POLYSMITH-DESK: Nihon Kohden Polysmith Computer - Desktop. *Not Compatible with units with JE-910A amplifier (#MFI-NHK-EEG-9100-910A).

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Imdad Y. (California, United States)
Excellent service!

Very pleased with the purchase. MFI reps walked me through the process, provided free supplies to get started right away. We were short one packet of electrodes and one phonecall is all it took to remedy the issue. I would recommend MFI without reservation!