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The Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-1200 EEG/PSG System includes a Dell desktop computer (Intel i5 processor, 500 GB hard drive, 8 GB RAM) loaded with Windows 10 operating system and Nihon Kohden EEG software version 5.03 (NWB Neuro Workbench Version 07.02, NRS Neuro Report Version 04.11, and Trend Version 02.22), #JE-921A amplifier (available with optional video), photic stimulator (#LS-703AA), photic control box (#LS-901AJ), isolation box (#SM-930AA), interconnecting cables, 23" LCD monitor, keyboard, and mouse, all on a mobile cart.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

The EEG-1200 is a Windows value-based EEG/PSG system with high performance and expandability. USB connected amplifiers eliminate the need for proprietary hardware within your computer, protecting you from product obsolescence and excessive future capital outlay. With Nihon Kohden's selection of high-quality amplifiers, clean waveform recording is assured even in the electrically noisy OR or ICU.

The EEG-1200 records electroencephalogram and related vital signals and displays them as waveforms. It is designed for both clinical and research use. It realizes the conventional EEG's functions in a GUI (graphical user interface) environment.

Its compact and paperless design enables you to save a lot of space. The EEG waveforms and patient information are saved in a large capacity media (hard disk, CD-R, or DVD-R disk). Its compact design also allows free movement of the instrument and easier measurements.


Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-1200 EEG/PSG System Features

  • #JE-921A - Clinical EEG/PSG (Standard): Multi-Function Junction Box.
    • 25 EEG, 14 bipolar (seven pairs), four DC, SpO2, CO2 connectors.
    • Economical - use the same junction box for routine EEG and PSG.
    • Current model amplifier.
  • EEG Examination Support Software (#QP-150AK):
    • Adult seizure detection and review.
    • Voltage mapping.
    • EEG central monitoring.
  • Standard sophisticated software capabilities, including online mapping, eight channels of CSA, and EKG artifact filter.
  • Full motion digital video with post record zoom/pan/tilt synchronized to 100 ms with EEG.
  • Impedance check at the amplifier or on screen.
  • Rapid review software with auto-editing of system events and trace annotation.
  • LTM Video/Audio (optional):
    • License/USB Dongle.
    • Sony Ipela Camera on adjustable height pole.
    • Audio base station.
    • DV Belkin adaptor, hub/switch, and interconnecting cables for above components.


Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-1200 EEG/PSG System Configurations

  • #MFI-NKD-EEG-1200: Standard (Clinical EEG/PSG).
  • #MFI-NKD-EEG-1200-VID: With Video Hardware (Clinical EEG/PSG and LTM) and Digital Video Version 07.21.


Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-1200 EEG/PSG System Accessories

The following accessories are compatible and commonly purchased with the Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-1200 EEG/PSG System:

  • #MFI-NHK-POLYSMITH-LPTP: Nihon Kohden Polysmith Computer - Laptop.
  • #MFI-NHK-POLYSMITH-DESK: Nihon Kohden Polysmith Computer - Desktop.


Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-1200 EEG/PSG System Literature

Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-1200 Electroencephalograph Operator's Manual

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