NicoletOne vEEG System - Certified Pre-Owned


Certified Pre-Owned

Warranty: 1 Year

Lead Time: Usually Ships in 1-2 Weeks

*Please contact for exact lead time

*Price may vary based on Configuration selected
$ 8,995.00

The NicoletOne vEEG System includes an amplifier of your choice, computer, 17" LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse, photic light, photic control box, isolation transformer, and mobile cart. The two video configurations also include video hardware. It is in excellent condition and certified by MFI Medical to proper operating specifications.

Warranty: 1 Year - Parts and Labor.

The NicoletOne vEEG System is ideal for your clinical needs. It combines unparalleled patient comfort and mobility with robust signal quality for a wide range of recording needs.

The system offers EEG system features such as photic stimulation, timers for hyperventilation, data remontaging, reports, and more. The vEEG system can also be enhanced with a number of optional add-on packages, including digital video, and more.

NicoletOne vEEG System Configurations:

  • #MFI-NCL-ONE-V32-EEG (Clinical EEG): With 32 channel amplifier.
  • #MFI-NCL-ONE-V44-EEG (Clinical EEG): With 44 channel amplifier.
  • #MFI-NCL-ONE-V32-EEG-VID (Clinical EEG and Long Term Monitoring): With 32 channel amplifier and video hardware.
  • #MFI-NCL-ONE-V44-EEG-VID (Clinical EEG and Long Term Monitoring): With 44 channel amplifier and video hardware.

Nicolet EEG Amplifiers:

  • Nicolet v32 EEG Amplifier: Excellent noise specifications, cost effective, built to be a low cost amp with great high quality signal for lower price. Connects to oximeter by cable so records SpO2 using the xpod cable, 32 channels.
    • Glow-in-the-dark overlays for easy viewing in low light levels.
    • Integrated with the vEEG system.
  • Nicolet v44 EEG Amplifier:
    • Built-in DC functionality.
    • 32 isolated channels (nine bipolar).
    • 12 high level analog DC inputs.
    • Built-in NONIN pulse oximetry (requires sensor) records SpO2 and Pleth.
    • Glow-in-the-dark overlays for easy viewing in low light levels.
    • Excellent noise levels.

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