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The Newman Medical EZ Clean Vascular Cuff is a non-permeable nylon cuff that is quick to clean and disinfect, reducing the risks of cross-contamination and increasing longevity. Available in 3 cuff sizes (see Configurations tab).

Warranty: 2 Years.

The cuffs are made of a durable polyurethane coating that makes it easy to wipe off fluids quickly, and with no residue leftover. This advantage reduces the time it takes to clean and sterilize cuffs and equipment, and reduces the risks of cross-contamination, which occurs more often on porous cuffs. 

The cuff itself is not only durable, but is more comfortable and easier to wrap around patients. It's available in three configuration sizes, and is available with most connectors: Luer, open flow, bayonet, screw-on, or quarter turn. It's latex-free, meaning sensitive patients are safe from natural rubber material, and has been tested for such biocompatibility. 

Newman Medical EZ Clean Vascular Cuff Configurations

MPN Size Overall Cuff Size
#CUFF-200 10 cm - ankle, small arm 11 x 85 cm
#CUFF-210 12 cm - arm, ankle calf 13 x 85 cm
#CUFF-210L 12 cm, long - above knee 13 x 124 cm

Newman Medical EZ Clean Vascular Cuff Media and Literature

The following videos showcase how these cuffs are used in conjunction with ABI Systems. See below for literature for the cuffs. 

Newman Medical EZ Clean Vascular Cuff Connector Options Sheet

Newman Medical EZ Clean Vascular Cuff Fact Sheet

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