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The Newman Medical DigiDop 300 Digital Doppler includes your choice of one interchangeable probe.

Warranty: 5 Years - Full Parts and Labor (including Probes and Cords).

The DD-300 non-display, non-rechargeable Doppler uses Digital Optimized Processing (DOP) to produce signals that are 6x the signal of other Dopplers. It is designed to meet both vascular and obstetrical application needs. The DigiDop and all probes are made in the U.S.A.

Digital Optimized Processing allows the fetal or vascular sounds to be amplified while also suppressing the background noise common with other Dopplers.

Newman Medical DigiDop 300 Digital Doppler Features

  • Tough and durable polycarbonate and stainless steel case.
  • 'Unbreakable' magnetic probe holder.
  • Probe interchangeability.
  • User replaceable cord.
  • Low battery light.

Newman Medical DigiDop 300 Digital Doppler Specifications

  • Power: Three AA batteries (900 minute-life).
  • Dimensions: 6" (H) x 2.5" (W) x 1.25" (L) (150 mm x 65 mm x 35 mm).
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs (340 grams).

Newman Medical DigiDop 300 Digital Doppler Probes

The interchangeable probes listed below are compatible with all Newman Medical DigiDop models. They are designed for both patient and provider comfort.

  • #DD-300-D2: 2 MHz Obstetrical - Used for late term pregnancy or larger patients.
  • #DD-300-D2W: 2 MHz Obstetrical (Waterproof) - Used for late term pregnancy during water birth and for larger patients.
  • #DD-300-D3: 3 MHz Obstetrical - Used for early fetal heartbeat detection and throughout pregnancy (general purpose obstetrical probe).
  • #DD-300-D3W: 3 MHz Obstetrical (Waterproof) - Used for water applications, late term pregnancy, larger patients, throughout pregnancy, and detection of early fetal heartbeat.
  • #DD-300-D5: 5 MHz Vascular - Used for deeper vessels in vascular applications.
  • #DD-300-D8: 8 MHz Vascular - Used for peripheral vessels in vascular applications (general purpose vascular probe).
  • #DD-300-VASC: Vascular Combo - 5 MHz and 8 MHz Vascular.
  • #DD-PAD: Peripheral Arterial Disease Package - 8 MHz Vascular Probe, two Cuffs (10 cm and 12 cm), and an aneroid.
  • #DPPG: Audio PPG (sold separately) - Used for vascular applications such as the Toe Brachial Index tests. It is useful when a Doppler probe is insufficient, i.e. for those with incompressible arteries.

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