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The MIR FlowMir Disposable Turbine with Cardboard Mouthpiece is simple, accurate, hygienic, and unrivaled in breath measurement. High accuracy and hygiene are 100% guaranteed now with cardboard mouthpieces glued in place.

Warranty: Until Use or Expiration.

The disposable turbine is an inexpensive alternative to a costly reusable flowmeter, and does not need any syringe calibration since FlowMIR is already calibrated. A full spirometry session can be done, including a Bronchial Challenge and POST Bronchodilator test, using one FlowMIR.

Compatible With:

  • Spirolab, Spirolab II, Spirolab III, Spirolab III b/n.
  • Spirobank, Spirobank usb, Spirobank G, Spirobank G usb, Spirobank II, Spirobank II new.
  • Spirodoc, Spirodoc Spiro Only.
  • Minispir new, Minispir light, Minispir, MiniSpir Oxy.
  • MiniFlowmeter.

MIR FlowMIR Disposable Turbine Features

  • Always Accurate: Proper function is not affected by variations of temperature, humidity, or pressure.
  • Maximum Hygiene: The FlowMIR replaces the need for an antibacterial filter, which reduces cost. The turbine is hygienically packed in a clean room, in single packaging, eliminating staff clean-up time.
  • Each FlowMIR is Individually Tested: Designed for use with MIR Spirometers, FlowMIR is already calibrated and is factory tested using sophisticated instruments.
  • Complies with the latest ATS/ERS Standards for accuracy.
  • No cross contamination.

MIR FlowMIR Disposable Turbine Specifications

  • Volume Accuracy: ± 3% or 50 mL.
  • Flow Accuracy: ± 5% or 200 mL/s.

MIR FlowMIR Disposable Turbine Options

  • #910004-10: Box of 10.
  • #910004: Box of 60.

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