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The Medco Arm Compression Garment (#2081) is excellent for brachioplasty type surgeries. The premium grade "soft-flex" spandex with soft suede-like insides provides excellent compression and patient comfort.

Note: Garments are non-returnable. Please check sizing chart before placing your order.

The unique adjustable design allows the doctor to adjust the level of compression on the upper arm area. The front of the latex-free garment has two adjustable contact closure straps for easy application, and leaves the breasts exposed. The form fitting design can be worn under clothing.

To Apply Garment: Open the upper and lower chest straps and slip the garment on like a jacket. Once the garment is on, loosely secure the upper and lower chest strap via the contact closure tabs.

To Adjust the Arm Compression: The garment comes with a contact closure strip on each arm. The strip is designed to adhere to itself to provide adjustable compression to the upper arm area. To increase compression, fold the contact closure strip in half and apply to itself. Press down securely.

Once the arm compression is set, re-adjust the upper and lower chest straps for proper compression.

Medco Arm Compression Garment Sizes

Item # Size Across Back Around Bicep
#2081-S Small 10 - 12" 9 - 10"
#2081-M Medium 12 - 14" 10 - 11"
#2081-L Large 14 - 16"  11 - 12"
#2081-XL Extra Large 16 - 18"  12 - 13"
#2081-XXL Extra Extra Large 18 - 20"  13 - 14"
#2081-XXXL Extra Extra Extra Large 20 - 22" 14 - 15"

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