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Configuration: LNCS Trauma, Adult Sensor, 3' Cable, Box of 20


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The Masimo Trauma SpO2 Sensor is a comfortable, durable, and reliable single patient sensor. The integrated cable means that the sensor is even simpler to set up while remaining fully disposable and offers improved moisture resistance. It is compatible with all Masimo SET/Nellcor DB9 9-pin connects (The M-LNCS version is also compatible with Masimo rainbow SET connectors).

Warranty: Until Use, Within 6 Months of Shipment.

Masimo Trauma SpO2 Sensor Features

  • Durable adhesive tape.
  • Easy to move and reapply.
  • Improved moisture resistance.
  • Long-lasting sensor.
  • Recessed detector reduces interference.
  • EM interference resistant.
  • Provides the most rapid, high-resolution, accurate SpO2 and PR measurements.
  • Single-patient use sensors lower risk of cross-contamination.
  • Stays attached in high-motion environments.
  • Lower pressure on monitoring site, reduces risk of pressure necrosis.

Masimo Trauma SpO2 Sensor Options

  • 2411: LNCS Trauma, Adult Sensor, 3' Cable, Box of 20.
  • 2521: M-LNCS Trauma, Adult Sensor, 3' Cable, Box of 20.

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