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The Masimo M-LNCS Series (Low Noise Cabled Sensors) Reusable SpO2 Sensor is comfortable, durable, and reliable. It is compatible with all Masimo SET, Rainbow SET, and Nellcor DB9 15-pin connectors.

Note: This sensor requires the use of a Masimo Rainbow Patient Cable (#2406 - Rainbow RC-4, 4' Cable or #2405 Rainbow RC-1, 1' Cable).

Warranty: 6 Months From First Use, Within 8 Months of Shipment.

Masimo M-LNCS Reusable SpO2 Sensor Features

  • Easy to move and reapply.
  • Long-lasting sensor.
  • Recessed detector and flexible side flaps reduces ambient light interference.
  • EM resistant.
  • Provides accurate readings even during low perfusion and patient movement.
  • Compatible with all Masimo SET and Rainbow SET Oximeters.

Masimo M-LNCS Reusable SpO2 Sensor Options

  • #2501: M-LNCS DC-I, Adult Sensor, 3' Cable.
  • #2502: M-LNCS DCI-P, Pediatric/Slender Digit Sensor, 3' Cable.
  • #2503: M-LNCS TC-I, Adult Tip-Clip Ear Sensor, 3' Cable.
  • #2504: M-LNCS TF-I, Adult Transflectance Forehead Sensor, 3' Cable.
  • #2505: M-LNCS Y-I, Multisite Sensor, 3' Cable.
  • #2507: M-LNCS DB-I, Adult Soft Sensor, 3' Cable.

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