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The Joerns Hoyer Stature Professional Patient Lift comes with a 4-point cradle and electric base. Users can choose between the standard model, or with a scale included.


  • 2 Years - Defects in Material and Workmanship.
  • 5 Years - Aluminum structural components and mechanical components.
  • 90 Days - Casters and batteries.

The Joerns Hoyer Stature Professional Patient Lift can accommodate different sling systems and reliably transport residents from floor level or wheelchair to a higher surface, such as a bed. The low profile base allows the lift legs to slip easily under beds, wheelchairs, and other furniture, without sacrificing support. This lift is ergonomically designed for comfortable transport for both the resident and the caregiver. The power positioning cradle makes the unit safe and comfortable during use. 

This lift is equipped with a Smart Monitor feature, a control box with an LCD screen and a red button for data identification and battery power levels. In addition, there's a hand control that gives the user more flexible control during the transporting process, without disturbing the resident. If the chosen model has the scale feature, users can weigh the patient while in the cradle, in both pounds or kilograms.

See Accessories for more information on compatible slings.


Joerns Hoyer Stature Professional Patient Lift Features

  • Has a 500 lb weight capacity to accommodate many patient sizes.
  • Low profile base can slide under furniture with ease.
  • Smart Monitor displays service data.
  • Includes a hand control for flexible repositioning.
  • Scale feature (if included) can show pounds or kilograms.


Joerns Hoyer Stature Professional Patient Lift Specifications

      • Safe Working Load: 500 lb (227 kg).
      • Maximum Overall Length: 54.7" (1390 mm).
      • Minimum Overall Length: 50.8" (1290 mm).
      • Maximum Overall Height: 83.8" (2130 mm).
      • Minimum Overall Height: 76.6" (1945 mm).
      • Maximum Height to Attachment Point (4 pt): 61.0" (1550 mm).
      • Minimum Height to Attachment Point (4 pt): 15.4" (390 mm).
      • Maximum Height to Attachment Point (6 pt): 77.1" (1975 mm).
      • Minimum Height to Attachment Point (6 pt): 26.6" (675 mm).
      • Turning Radius: 61.0" (1550 mm).
      • Legs Open - External Width: 53.5" (1360 mm).
      • Legs Open - Internal Width: 48.4" (1230 mm).
      • Legs Closed - External Width: 29.9" (760 mm).
      • Legs Closed - Internal Width: 25.1" (640 mm).
      • Overall Height of Legs: 4.3" (110 mm).
      • Ground Clearance: 1.2" (30 mm).
      • Front Twin Casters: 4.0" (100 mm).
      • Rear Braked Casters: 4.0" (100 mm).


      • Mast, Base & Boom Assembly: 142 lb (64.5 kg).
      • 4-Point Positioning Cradle: 13.2 lb (6.0 kg).
      • Power Pack: 6.6 lb (3.0 kg).
      • Total: 162 lb (73.5 kg).

      Electric Shock Protection

      • Charger: Class II.
      • Lift: Internal power source.

      Degree of Shock Protection

      • Charger: Type B.
      • Lift: Type B.
      • Intended operating environment: >+5˚C <+40˚C.
      • **Outside this environment functionality and safety may be compromised.

      Electrical Specifications

      • Battery: 24vDC rechargeable sealed lead acid type.
      • Battery Capacity: 3.2A Ampere hours.
      • Charger Rated Input: 100-240V AC 24 VDC 50/60Hz.
      • Charger Rated Output: 29.5 VDC, Max. 19 W.


      Joerns Hoyer Stature Professional Patient Lift Accessories

      The following items are commonly purchased with this unit. Please note that these are NOT included with the unit. They are sold separately.

      • #HOY-4PTSB: Joerns Hoyer 4-Point Adaptive Positioning Spreader Bar.
      • #HOY-4PT-APC: Joerns Hoyer 4-Point Adaptive Positioning Powered Cradle.
      • #HOY-6PTSB: Joerns Hoyer 6-Point Cradle.
      • #HOY-ADV-6PTWSC: Joerns Hoyer Cradle for Scale.
      • #0Y0067: Joerns Hoyer Linak Battery
      • #0Y0053: Joerns Hoyer Charging Station for Linak Battery
      • #HOY-STRETCHER-AC: Joerns Hoyer Stretcher Adjustment Cradle.
      • #59050: Joerns Tutorial Video "How To Use a Hoyer Patient Lift".
      • #NA30010: Joerns Hoyer Canvas Stretcher with Straps - Standard.
      • #NA30011: Joerns Hoyer Canvas Stretcher with Straps - Extra Wide.
      • #HOY-STAT-SCALE: Digital Scale for Stature Professional Patient Lift.

      Compatible Slings (sold separately):

      • Joerns Hoyer Quickfit Sling.
      • Joerns Hoyer Full Back Sling.
      • Joerns Hoyer Quickfit Deluxe Sling.
      • Joerns Hoyer Long Seat Sling.
      • Joerns Hoyer Access Sling.
      • Joerns Hoyer Comfort Sling.


      Joerns Hoyer Stature Professional Patient Lift Configurations

      • #HOY-STATURE: Standard Model
      • #HOY-STATUREWSC: Standard with Scale.

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