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The Joerns Hoyer Professional Long Seat Sling is an ideal four-point sling with amputees or other patients who have to be in the sling for a long time.

Warranty: 1 Year.

As the name suggests, the Long Seat Sling is longer than a standard sling and supports the body from the thigh to the neck. It's available in two material choices:mesh or polyester. The mesh material is ideal for water transfers such as bathing. The polyester is standard and easy to clean and maintain between uses.

These slings are color-coded for quick identification along the trim, and also possess purple tabs that align with the patient's neck and tailbone area. This ensures that caregivers have the correct size sling for their patients.

This sling is compatible with the following Joerns Hoyer lift units:

  • Advance.
  • Elara.
  • HPL500.
  • HPL700.
  • Presence.
  • Stature.

Joerns Hoyer Professional Long Seat Sling Specifications

Recommended Weight Ranges:

  • Small: 75 - 150 lb.
  • Medium: 125 - 200 lb.
  • Large: 175 - 300 lb.
  • X-Large: 275 - 500 lb.

Joerns Hoyer Professional Long Seat Sling Configurations

  • #NA1100: Polyester - Small.
  • #NA1103: Polyester - Medium.
  • #NA1106: Polyester - Large.
  • #NA1109: Polyester - X-Large.
  • #NA1101: Mesh - Small.
  • #NA1104: Mesh - Medium.
  • #NA1107: Mesh - Large.

Joerns Hoyer Professional Long Seat Sling Media and Literature

Joerns Hoyer Sling Specs Sheet

Joerns Hoyer Long Seat Sling User Instruction Manual

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