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The Joerns Easytrack 2-Post System comes with a rail and the chosen brackets from Configurations.

Note: Voyager Portable Lift device is NOT included with purchase of Easytrack System. Lift is sold separately.

Warranty: 1 Year.

The Joerns Easytrack 2-Post System is easy to install and doesn't require any permanent fixtures for assembly, though the system is strong enough to be permanent if desired. This system comes in four configurations, where users can choose between posts, wall bracket, or bath bracket supports. There is also one configuration without posts and uses exclusively brackets (see images above).

This transport ceiling system can be used for moving non-mobile patients from bed to chairs, to baths, exam tables, and more. The system is equipped with safety features that prevent the posts or brackets from losing grip, and prevent the rail disconnecting from the posts or brackets.


    Joerns Easytrack 2-Post System Features

    • Portable transport ceiling system that doesn't need permanent fixtures.
    • Safety features included that prevent posts from losing grip.
    • Has a safe working load up to 440 lb (200 kg).
    • Available in four design configurations.


    Joerns Easytrack 2-Post System Specifications

    • Safe Working Load: 440 lb (200 kg).
    • Ceiling Height Range: 84 - 108". 
    • Rail Length Range: 74 - 124.5". 
    • Rail Weight (each): 26 lb (11.7 kg).
    • Post Weight (each): 9 lb (4 kg).
    • Total Weight: 44 lb (20 kg).


    Joerns Easytrack 2-Post System Configurations

    These are four design configurations available for the 2-post system. Select Configuration above to see the correct example photo.

    • #92000: Standard.
    • #92002: With Wall Bracket.
    • #92001: With Bath Bracket.
    • #92003: Without Posts.


    Joerns Easytrack 2-Post System Literature

    Joerns Voyager Portable Easytrack Brochure

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