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The Joerns EasyCare Bed includes a soft tone color frame, a grid deck mattress surface (80" length, 600 lb weight capacity), Class 1 Electronics (hospital grade), and a three-function positioning hand pendant. 


  • The bed comes standard in 80" length and is available in 76" length (500 lb weight capacity) for the same price. The 76" length is designed for customers that have a room space requirement issue with the 80" length version. Contact us to order the 76" length version as a special order. The CareWide Integrated Width Extension feature is not compatible with the 76" length.
  • Head board, foot board and assist handles (side rails) which are shown in the product image are sold separate. Joerns recommends optional accessories be purchased at the same time as the bed.


  • Lifetime Warranty - Welds.
  • 15 Years - Steel structural components.
  • 4 Years - Mechanical and electrical components.
  • 90 Days - Miscellaneous parts (wear from normal use).

The Joerns EasyCare Bed is a customizable bed for home or care facilities that require extra comfort and versatility. It comes with corner mattress stops to keep the mattress secured in place, as well as panel retention system that keeps chosen bed panels stable. The EasyCare Bed is available as a standard model, or CareLock Mobility or CareWide Width Extenstion (see Configurations for more details).


Joerns EasyCare Bed Features

  • Corner mattress stops prevent mattress from sliding.
  • Includes a standard hand pendant to adjust bed to three positions.
  • Bed Panels (head and foot board) are available in three models with five finishes each. Bed panels are not required for standard bed model, but are required for AdvancedCare Positioning pendant function.
  • Available with optional CareLock or CareWide Integrated Width Extension add-ons.
    • CareLock: Allows for the rolling base to be rolled or locked at any height, and can accommodate many patients. Includes two-pedal locking system.
    • CareWide: Can extend the width of the bed up to 39" or 42", to accommodate larger patients.


Joerns EasyCare Bed Specifications


  • Low Height: 7".
  • High Height: 30".
  • Bed Length: 76" or 80".
  • Bed Width: 35".
  • Underbed Clearance: 23 ¾".
  • Maximum Back Angle: 65 Degrees to Horizontal.
  • Maximum Knee Angle: 35 Degrees to Horizontal.
  • MSP Translation: <1".
  • Mobility Height Roll-in-Low: 7".
  • Mobility Height Roll-at-any-Height: 7" - 30".


  • Safe Working Load: 600 lb (272 kg).
  • Product Weight Roll-in-Low: 220 lb (99.8 kg).
  • Product Weight Roll-at-any-Height: 279 lb (126.6 kg).

Electrical Specifications

  • Mains Voltage: 120 VAC.
  • Frequency: 60 Hz.
  • Input Current: 4.0 Amps.
  • Electrical Protection: Class I Hospital Grade.
  • Duty Cycle: 10%: 2 Min On/18 Min Off.
  • Circuit Protection: Auto Reset Current Sensor.


Joerns EasyCare Bed Configurations

  • #ECSBED-600: Standard 80" Length (no added options) - supports up to 600 lb in weight capacity.
  • #ECSBED-600-CL: With CareLock Mobility - Two-pedal locking system allows for the rolling base of the bed to be rolled or locked at any height, and can accommodate many patients.
  • #ECSBED-600-WE: With CareWide Integrated Width Extension - This kit feature can extend the width of the bed up to 39" or 42", to accommodate larger patients comfortably.
  • #ECSBED-600-WE-CL: With CareLock and CareWide.


Joerns EasyCare Bed Accessories

These are items commonly purchased with this bed. Please note these are NOT included with the bed and must be purchased separately.

Highly Recommended

The following options are recommended by Joerns to be purchased at the same time as the EasyCare Bed.

  • #ECSBED-600-AC: AdvancedCare Option - Includes gravity assist repositioning, one-touch transfer assist, and comfort chair (requires Head and Foot Board purchase for correct function).
  • #F025AL: Joerns EasyCare Bed Assist Handle - Standard.
  • #F026AL: Joerns EasyCare Bed Assist Handle - Two-Position.
  • #F028-PNHLDR: Joerns EasyCare Bed Deluxe Assist Handle - With Integrated Pendant Holder.
  • #F028-NO-PNHLDR: Joerns EasyCare Bed Deluxe Assist Handle - Without Integrated Pendant Holder.
  • #F14SCAL: Joerns EasyCare Assist Device (1 Pair).
  • Joerns Bed Panels: Available in Classical, Traditional, and Avalon styles with five finishes.
    • Head Board.
    • Foot Board.
    • Head and Foot Board (required for AdvancedCare feature).

Additional Accessories

  • #F18AL: Joerns EasyCare SoftCase Assist Device (1 Pair).
  • #N818: Joerns EasyCare Pendant Holder for Use with F18AL.
  • #N106: Joerns EasyCare Panel Pendant Holder.
  • #N529AL: Joerns Bed Trapeze.
  • #N300AL: Joerns EasyCare Trapeze Adapter.
  • #N431: Joerns IV Rod.
  • #N641: Joerns SafeLight (requires SafeLight enabled AdvanceCare staff control).
  • #550132-CC: Joerns Floor Mat - 33" x 60" x 2".
  • #N511: Joerns Battery Pack with Charger and Mount Bracket.

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