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The Huntleigh Dopplex MD2 Bi-Directional Doppler includes a probe of your choice (or no probe), large/soft carry bag, stereo headphones, alkaline battery (9 V), gel, and a user manual.

Warranty: 5 Years (Main Unit) / 1 Year (Cable and Probe Head).

The MD2 Doppler is one of the most advanced pocket dopplers on the market. It provides the ability for high level vascular assessment, and is ideal for the detection of peripheral arterial disease, the diabetic foot, and venous applications. The display provides information on flow direction and unit status. It can also display fetal heart rate when using an obstetric probe.

When used with the high sensitivity vascular probes, it provides quality bi-directional blood flow information. It can be linked to the Huntleigh Dopplex Reporter Software Package for high quality waveform reports, or the Dopplex Printa for single waveform recordings

Optional carrying case, the Doppler Carry Pouch (#ACC34), is commonly purchased with the Dopplex MD2 Bi-Directional Doppler.


Huntleigh Dopplex MD2 Bi-Directional Doppler Features

  • Connects with all high sensitivity probes (2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10 MHz), and has probe coding.
  • Provides bi-directional blood flow information and documentation.
  • Integral battery management.
  • Enhanced audio output.
  • Large carry bag will hold sphygmomanometer and cuffs.
  • Built-in loudspeaker and output for headphones.
  • True separated stereo audio output.
  • Enhanced bi-directional LCD display.
  • Waveform Calibration Function: 5 level.
  • 4 level gain control.
  • Auto shut off and active noise reduction.
  • Obstetric capability (audio only).
  • Digital interface for Dopplex DR3 and Printa 2.
  • Battery Life: 250 minutes.


Huntleigh Dopplex MD2 Bi-Directional Doppler Specifications

  • Weight: 295 grams (10 ounces) with battery and probe.
  • Dimensions: 5.5" (H) x 2.9" (W) x 1.1" (D) (140 mm x 74 mm x 27 mm).
  • Safety Standards Compliance: EN60601-1:1990, IEC 60601 - 1:1988, EN60601-1-2:1993.


Huntleigh Dopplex MD2 Bi-Directional Doppler Configurations

  • #MD2-P-USA: Standard (No Probe).
  • #LUS-MD2-P-OP2KIT: (2 MHz - Obstetric): For fetal heart detection.
  • #LUS-MD2-P-OP3KIT: (3 MHz - Obstetric): For fetal heart detection in early gestation. 3 MHz is the recommended standard for obstetrical applications.
  • #LUS-MD2-P-VP4KIT: (4 MHz - Vascular): For detection of deep lying vessels.
  • #LUS-MD2-VP5XS: (5 MHz - Vascular): For edematous limbs and deep lying vessels. Ideal adjunct to the EZ8 Probe for ABI measurements.
  • #LUS-MD2-P-VP8KIT: (8 MHz - Vascular): For detection of peripheral vessels and calcified arteries. 8 MHz is the recommended standard for vascular applications.
  • #LUS-MD2-P-EZ8KIT: (8 MHz - Vascular Widebeam): For easy location of vessels. The widebeam makes it easier to maintain vessel contact during inflation and deflation.
  • #LUS-MD2-P-VP10KIT: (10 MHz - Vascular): For detection of smaller superficial vessels.
  • #LUS-ISP3-MD2KIT: (Intraoperative Probe Starter Pack): Includes three intraoperative probes, probe pod, and doppler clamp. The reusable Dopplex Intraoperative Probe can be used to immediately confirm blood flow prior to closing, saving time and costs of a potential re-operation. The high sensitivity probes can be re-sterilized by autoclave, ethylene oxide, or Steris System 1.

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