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The Hill-Rom Affinity III (#P3700) is intended for use as a birthing bed within the acute care Labor and Delivery Unit. Includes a new 6" Hospital-Grade Memory Foam Mattress and available with optional calf supports. It is in excellent condition and refurbished to proper operating specifications.

Note: Hospital bed wand/remote not included nor is required for operation.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

It has multiple articulation features, ergonomic hand grips, and a steering control headboard. Three independent motors raise and lower the bed, foot section, and head section. Calf supports for this bed may be manually adjusted and will lock when in the upright position, and the foot section of this bed slides off and may be stowed until once again needed.

This bed is electrically operated using Nurse and Patient controls with option to lock out patient bed controls. The bed may be transported easily with featured Central Brake and Steer system with 2-wheel braking and 1-wheel steering, and built-in headboard handles make the bed easy to steer. If the bed is not near an outlet, battery backup will enable the user to adjust the bed as needed.


Hill-Rom Affinity III Birthing Bed Features

  • SideCom Communication System - Nurse call (standard).
  • Instant CPR lowers head from elevated to flat position.
  • CPR Release: Emergency lowering.
  • Manual operation.
  • Battery backup LED indicators.
    • ON: Battery operational when bed plugged into appropriate power source.
    • FLASHING: Battery needs charging.
    • OFF: Battery discharged below adequate levels.
  • Bed Height (Hilow) Motor to control bed height - Nurse/attendant controlled.
  • Foot Section Motor to control foot elevation - Patient and/or nurse controlled.
  • Head Section Motor controls head incline - Patient and/or nurse controlled.
  • Auxiliary outlet for accessories.
  • Headboard mounted on metal frame with built-in handles.
  • Automatic Tilting:
    • As head section raises, seat gradually tilts from 0 to 15 degrees.
    • As head section lowers, seat gradually returns to flat position.
  • Docking/Wall Protection: Standard roller bumpers located at head and end of bed.
  • Lockout Control Switch: Deactivates inboard (patient) and outboard (caregiver/attendant) controls.
  • Night Light.
  • Foot Support.
  • Labor Grips.
  • Side Rails.
  • Braking/Steer System.


Hill-Rom Affinity III Birthing Bed Specifications

  • Total Length: 90" (229 cm).
  • Length:
    • From Roller Bumpers to Break in Seat Section: 61.88" (157 cm).
    • From Break in Seat Section to End of Bed: 28.13" (71 cm).
  • Maximum Width:
    • Siderails Stored: 36" (91 cm).
    • Siderails Up: 39" (99 cm).
  • Headboard Height: 52" (132 cm) (Maximum).
  • Siderail Height: 14.75" (37.5 cm) (Maximum).
  • Minimum Under-Bed Clearance: 5" (13 cm).
  • Wheel Base: 50" x 29" (127 cm x 74 cm).
  • Casters: 6" (15 cm).
  • Total Weight: 480 lb (218 kg) (Maximum).
  • Head Section Inclination: 65 degrees (Maximum).
  • Seat Section Inclination: 15 degrees (Maximum).
  • Trend-Like Position: 8 degrees (Maximum).
  • Bed Height Range: 18 - 34" (46 - 86 cm).
  • Bed Lift Capacity (Maximum Safe Working Load): 500 lb (227 kg).
  • Foot Section Lift Capacity: 400 lb (181 kg) (Maximum).
  • Head Section Lift Capacity: 200 lb (91 kg) (Maximum).


Hill-Rom Affinity III Birthing Bed Configurations

  • #MFI-HRM-AFFINITY-III: Standard (No Calf Support) - Includes all standard features and 6" memory foam mattress. 
  • #MFI-HRM-AFFINITY-III-CS: With Calf Support - Includes all standard features, 6" memory foam mattress, and calf supports. 

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