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The Harloff Standard Line Med-Bin Carts have a painted steel cabinet with painted aluminum drawers, dual columns with 42 medications bins,painted pullout shelf, ball-bearing full-extension drawer slides, full wrap around vinyl bumper, 5" ball bearing premium rubber casters (full swivel; 2 with toe locking brake and 1 directional), and a plastic replaceable top with integrated push handles.

Medication carts with a two column design are preferred by nurses for their ease of use. The narcotics and liquid storage in this med cart is separated from the rest of the cart. This allows for easy access as needed. The drawers in this cart allow nursing staff to remove each individual bin as needed.

*Please note that carts ordered in Hammer Red, Hammer Black, and White are not returnable.

Harloff Standard Line Med-Bin Cart Features:

  • Painted steel cabinet and aluminum drawers.
  • Dual column medication cart with 42 _ 3.5€³ wide medication bins. Dividers and labels are included, single width narcotics drawer.
  • BEST brand lock on cabinet; Illinois lock on narcotics drawer.
  • Painted pull-out shelf.
  • Ball-bearing, full extension drawer slides.
  • Plastic replaceable top with integrated push handles.
  • Full wrap around vinyl bumper, protecting the cart.
  • 5€³ ball-bearing premium rubber casters, full swivel, 2 with toe locking brake and 1 directional.
  • Hard-baked powder coat finish.
  • Optional Software (Sold Separately):
    • 41052: Harloff's Lockview Software enables users to interact with electronic locks through a laptop. Lockview enables mass programming and the view of audit trails (who accessed the cart and when). This software is compatible with all electronic locks, usually on Universal, Aluminum, & Standard Line Carts.

Harloff Standard Line Med-Bin Cart Specifications:

  • Left Column Drawers:
    • 1 ea _ 4€³ multipurpose storage drawer.
    • 7 ea _ 3.25€³ med bin drawers with 6 _ 3.5€³ bins per drawer.
    • 1 ea _ 6.5€³ multipurpose drawer with adjustable dividers.
  • Right Column Drawers:
    • 1 ea _ 4€³ multipurpose storage drawer.
    • 1 ea _ 9.75€³ locking narcotics drawer.
    • 2 ea _ 9.75€³ multipurpose storage drawer.

  • Internal Drawer Dimensions:
    • Left side: 17€³ D x 27.5€³ W (43.2 cm x 69.85 cm).
    • Right side: 17€³ D x 6.625€³ W (43.2 cm x 16.83 cm).

  • Assembled Cart Dimensions: 45.75€³ H x 43€³ W x 23.5€³ D (116.2 cm x 109.2 cm x 59.7 cm).
  • Writing surface: 44€³ (111.8 cm).
  • Cart weight: 220 lbs (100 kg).
  • Approx shipping weight:265 lbs (120.5 kg).

    Harloff Standard Line Med Bin Optional Configurations:

    • SL42BIN3: Standard cart with Key Lock and all features listed above.
    • SL42BIN3-EKC: Standard Line Med-Bin Cart with Electronic Locking Keypad Access (auto-locking), BESTÔ Lock Over-ride on Cabinet and all features listed above. With auto-locking, drawers automatically re-lock after access with a pre-set programmed time (unlimited re-lock timing). Accessed with PIN into keypad (with BEST key lock override). Comes with 6 batteries with minimum life of one year.
    • SL42BIN3SP: Specialty Line Med-Bin Cart Package with Key Lock:
      • Drawer Tray with Dividers.
      • Small Drawer Divider Set.
      • Waste Container.
      • Locking Sharps Container.

      Harloff SL42BIN3 Bin Cart Literature:

      Harloff SL42BIN3 Med-Bin Cart Product Sheet
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