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The GE TruSignal Integrated SpO2 Reusable Sensor is a reusable SpO2 sensor available in adult, adult/pediatric, and pediatric sizes. It is also available in multiple lengths and connectors for GE, Ohmeda, or Datex systems. Please see the configurations tab to find the right sensor for your practice.


GE TruSignal Integrated SpO2 Reusable Sensor Features

  • Connector design and high-quality cable materials make cables resistant to fraying and kinking.
  • Both cables and sensors are drip proof as well as able to withstand frequent disinfections.
  • Connectors are small and easy to operate and cables are durable and flexible.
  • Sensors and cables are not made with natural rubber latex or known environmental contaminants.


GE TruSignal Integrated SpO2 Reusable Sensor Configurations

  • #TS-F4-GE: GE - Adult Finger - 4m.
  • #TS-F1-H: Ohmeda - Adult Finger - 1m.
  • #TS-E4-H: Ohmeda - Adult/Pediatric Ear - 4m.
  • #TS-E4-N: Datex - Adult/Pediatric Ear - 4m.
  • #TS-F4-N: Datex - Adult Finger - 4m.
  • #TS-E2-GE: GE - Adult/Pediatric Ear - 2m.
  • #TS-F2-GE: GE - Adult Finger - 2m.
  • #TS-E4-GE: GE - Adult/Pediatric Ear - 4m.
  • #TS-SA4-GE: GE - Adult Finger Tip - 4m.
  • #TS-SP3-GE: GE - Pediatric Finger Tip - 3m.

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