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The GE CASE Premium ECG System includes:

  • #2062898-001: CASE v6.7.
  • #2062898-826: CASE Windows 10 Premium PKG With Display (RESB, RESM, ERG2, PRVT, ARRY, ERG3, ECGH, THWR, ITRD, ITBL, DSPC, EGMO, NETS, NET2, NET3, EPDF, EXPD, EWRD, BRWS, ERGM, 2DWF, RISK, STHY).
  • #2062898-740: Patient EKG Acquisition Module - AHA.
  • #2062898-490: CASE v6.7 Language Set, ENG US (Win 8).
  • #2026714-078: CASE v6.7 Power Cord, North American.
  • #2062898-068: EMR - Centricity Practice Solution (XEMR).

Warranty: 1 Year.

The CASE System is a stand-alone, highly scalable exercise testing solution that helps physicians quickly and easily access cardiac function during exercise. Its exclusive ergonomic features include a backlit keyboard and well-lit printing surface for effortless and confident operation in rooms darkened for stress echo tests. A centrally mounted, full-size monitor swivels for comfortable viewing. A familiar, Windows XP-based interface minimizes the learning curve. And a flexible interface accommodates multiple custom set-ups.

Just as important, CASE offers a variety of powerful analysis tools and easy-to-use applications to optimize clinical decision-making; everything from advanced assessment tools such as the proven 12SL computer-interpreted 12-lead ECG analysis to full disclosure, incremental updating, and Duke Treadmill Score. Its signal-acquisition advances and innovative filtering are complemented by user-adjustable controls for performance fine-tuning.

Connect your CASE System to a local area network (LAN), and you can store patient data and test results to a central database. This enables physicians to review, edit, and print data remotely, for maximum efficiency in your stress lab.


GE CASE Premium ECG System Features

  • Analysis Programs: Exercise Test Interpretation (XTI), ST/HR hysteresis analysis, full-disclosure date, risk-predicting algorithms, Finite Residual Filtering (FRF), and more.
  • Connectivity: Streamlined workflow and a smooth flow of information help speed patient care, increase staff productivity, and improve your business results.
  • Networking: Whether you need one CASE System or a dozen, this highly scalable solution can meet the performance and productivity requirements of virtually any facility.


GE CASE Premium ECG System Specifications

  • ECG Analysis Frequency: 500 Hz.
  • ST Measurements: ST amplitudes, slope, integral, index, ST/HR slope, ST/HR loops, ST/HR index up to 15 leads.
  • E, J, and Post-J Point: Manual or computer selected.
  • Signal Processing Technique: Incremental updating to minimize artifact in all leads.
  • Baseline Correction: Cubic Spline or Finite Residual Filter algorithm.
  • QRS Detection/Analysis: Based on automatic or manual lead selection.
  • ECG Output: Real-time ECG/QRS beep/TTL synchronization output.
  • Heart Rate: Automatic arrhythmia detection, documentation, and annotation.
  • Full Disclosure ECG: Beat-to-beat ECG record and event review.
  • Reanalysis: Post-test medians remeasurement from E, J, post-J point selections.
  • In-Test Reports:
    • 12SL: Interpretive resting ECG with analytical statements on morphology, rhythm, and conduction. Measurements of rate, intervals, and axes. Available before the test, in pretest and recovery. Formats include: 4 x 2.5; 4 x 2.5 + 1, 2 x 5; H2 (5 s ECG at a speed of 50 mm/s x 6) and H1 (6-lead ECG at 12.5 mm/s, Medians at 50 mm/s).
    • 3, 6, 12, or 15-Lead Report: Presents raw ECG data in various formats: 4 x 2.5 s ECG; 4 x 2.5 + 1 (2.5 seconds of raw data plus 1 continuous 10 second recording of continuous rhythm); 2.5 x 5 (5 seconds of raw data); 1 x 10 (10 seconds of raw data); H2 format (5 seconds of raw data at a speed of 50 mm/s x 6).
    • Rhythm Report: A continuous, real-time recording of raw ECG data: 3, 6, 12 leads. Leads for arrhythmia report correspond to leads on the screen (not with laser printer).
    • Arrhythmia Report: Automatic 10-second documentation of arrhythmias showing 2.5 seconds of raw data prior to ectopic beat. Leads for arrhythmia report correspond to leads on the screen.
    • Recall Report: A delayed recording of raw data 10 seconds in duration: 3, 6, 12 leads.
    • Comparative Medians Report: Baseline and current medians followed by 2.5 seconds of real-time rhythm in 12 leads. ST level and ST slope reported for each lead. Also comes in H1 Medians format of 12 medians at 50 mm/s + 6 leads (selectable) of 10-second channel of raw, real-time rhythm.
    • Linked Medians Report: 4 x 2.5 with rhythm lead. 3 channels of median beat which are linked together at the current heart rate with a fourth 10-second channel of raw, real-time rhythm.


GE CASE Premium ECG System Configurations

  • 12SL (#2062898-001-580917):
    • #2062898-050: 12SL Interpretation (RESI).
  • EXTI (#2062898-001-580938):
    • #2062898-033: Stress Interpretation (EXTI) (Premium Only).
  • 12SL, EXTI (#2062898-001-580890):
    • #2062898-033: Stress Interpretation (EXTI) (Premium Only).
    • #2062898-050: 12SL Interpretation (RESI).
  • 12SL, EXTI, DICOM (#2062898-001-580911):
    • #2062898-033: Stress Interpretation (EXTI) (Premium Only).
    • #2062898-050: 12SL Interpretation (RESI).
    • #2062898-034: DICOM Option and Conformance Statement.

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