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The GE CardioDay Global Holter ECG includes:

  • #2093161-001: Cardioday V2.6 Holter Analysis System.
  • #2093161-206: Cardioday V2.6 Global - CardioDay Holter analysis software includes ST anlaysis, pacemaker detection, Afib analysis, basic HRV analysis, PR Trends analysis. It supports two and three channel recorders up to seven days. Supported recorders include SEER 1000, SEER Light, SEER Light Extend, SEER 12, CM 3000 series and CM 4000 series.
  • #2093156-038: Archive.

Warranty: 1 Year.

The GE CardioDay Global Holter ECG harnesses the speed and standardization of automation while still enabling technicians to control the fine points of study analysis. Data is presented graphically with a visual clarity that enables quick, intuitive operation. Its modular structure guarantees a customized solution that can be easily adapted to new or changing requirements. It can be integrated with facility servers and deployed virtually to simplify implementation and management.

CardioDay's layout and menu structure guide the user through all steps of the analysis, thus assisting to ensure consistent high-quality results, regardless whether the user is a regular Holter ECG analyser, new to the job, or just a sporadic user.

Using a custom app, users can easily input patient data, view lead placements, and check signal quality. CardioDay automatically creates a summary which contains all important information about the Holter. Processing tools (classes, events, heart rate) allow the user to quickly validate these events and create a simple, clearly laid-out report.

CardioDay's server-client architecture fulfils the networking requirements of clinics, private practices, and other medical care providers. The data can be stored and managed through a central server. Access is password protected and the rights of each user can be configured individually. A wide variety of data exchange possibilities are provided for the communication of patient demographics and reports with hospital information systems, private practice software, or other research software, including HL7 and BGT/GDT formats. Furthermore, raw ECG data and analysis results can be exported in standard formats such as PDF, MIT, CSV, or XML.


GE CardioDay Global Holter ECG Features

  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and IT infrastructure, require minimal maintenance, and meet stringent IT security and compliance standards.
  • The only Holter ECG system compatible with GE Holter Recorders, bedside monitors, telemetry, and MUSE systems - delivering a streamlined end-to-end workflow solution that helps save time and reduce errors.
  • Create default parameter sets based on patient age groups and types for faster analysis.
  • View all beats in a beat class with one click to quickly spot differences in morphologies. The simple two-button workflow (confirm/delete) speeds analysis.
  • Administrator-controlled, user-assigned privileges help protect data security.
  • Systems can be accessed remotely by GE Healthcare service engineers for maintenance and troubleshooting.


GE CardioDay Global Holter ECG Specifications

  • Power Requirements: 1 LR03/AAA alkaline battery or 1 HR03/AAA NiMH rechargeable battery.
  • Weight: 50 g.
  • Dimensions: 2.8" x 2.5" x 0.7" (70 mm x 63 mm x 18 mm).
  • Frequency Response: 0.05 Hz - 70 Hz.
  • Sampling Rate: 256 sps with 12 bit.
  • Input Voltage Range ECG: +/- 6 mV.
  • Common Mode Rejection: CMMR greater than 80 dB per channel.
  • Input Impedance: Greater than 10 MΩ.
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP43.
  • Compatibility:
    • Mobile Application:
      • iOS6, iOS7.
      • iPod touch (4th and 5th generation).
      • iPhone 5.
      • iPhone 4S.
      • iPhone 4.
      • iPad Mini.
      • iPad (3rd and 4th generation).
      • iPad II.
    • PC Application:
      • Windows 8.
      • Windows 7 Home, Professional, Ultimate (64 bit).
      • Windows 7 Home, Professional, Ultimate (32 bit).
      • Windows XP (SP3).
    • CardioDay:
      • 24 hours.
      • 48 hours.
      • 7 days.


GE CardioDay Global Holter ECG Configurations

  • #2093161-001-908106: Includes Archive.
  • #2093161-001-890091: Includes Archive and QT Analysis.


GE CardioDay Global Holter ECG Literature

GE CardioDay Software Brochure

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