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The Ferno NAJO RediHold Board is a durable, dense, polyethylene plastic board with foam-filling. This top-of-the-line board supports up to 600 lb, as well as buoyant up to 155 lb in water.

Warranty: Lifetime - Defects in Material and Workmanship.

The NAJO RediHold Board includes handholds on either end of the board, and customers can choose to have more pins applied to the frame. The head area is smoothed down to accommodate head immobilization devices, such as the Universal or Headhugger Head Immobilizers, and the board is angled for log-rolling maneuvers with patients. The board is resistant to body fluids and other contaminants, making it easy to clean between uses. This board is also completely safe for X-ray use and is X-ray translucent.

It's available in Orange or Yellow, with the choice of no pins or 10 pins.


Ferno NAJO RediHold Board Features

  • Lifetime warranty for defects in material or workmanship.
  • Buoyant support up to 155 lb in water.
  • Resistant to bodily fluids.
  • Safe for use in X-ray; X-ray translucent.


Ferno NAJO RediHold Board Specifications

  • Weight: 16 lb (7 kg).
  • Load Limit: 600 lb (272 kg).
  • Width: 16" (41 cm).
  • Thickness: 1.75" (4 cm).
  • Length: 72" (183 cm).


Ferno NAJO RediHold Board Configurations

  • #275101105: 0 Pins - Yellow.
  • #275101108: 0 Pins - Orange.
  • #275101205: 10 Pins - Yellow.
  • #275101208: 10 Pins - Orange.


Ferno NAJO RediHold Board Accessories

The following items are commonly purchased with the Ferno NAJO RediHold Board. Please note these are sold separately, and are NOT included with the NAJO RediHold Board.

  • #0822074: WizLoc Cervical Extrication Collar.
  • #0832092: HeadHugger Disposable Head Immobilizers.
  • #0313855: Universal Head Immobilizer.


Ferno NAJO RediHold Board Literature

Ferno NAJO Backboards Info Sheet

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